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I dunno what the deal is but everybodys favorite overpriced crap supplement store with a 7 dollar an hour cashier that doesnt know shit is having some REALLY good new year specials here in detroit.

They got Biotest's new Blue TRIBEX, with the new rapid release technology and the eurycoma and vitex added, for....24.99.

HOT-ROX...29.99 (not quite as potent)


Im not a big comsumer of HOT-ROX or Spike so it was no big deal, but Im like a lion on a zebra when it comes to that Tribulus.


I really don't see what the huge stigma is against GNC. Yeah occasionly they have overpriced items, but their not the worst in the world and occasionly like you said they have good sales. I paid something like 12 bucks extra one time for a "Gold Membership" and the first week of every month I get 20% off anything I buy for a year - to me, even if I use it rarely it's still a sweet deal.


Ok, here's something I don't get. Why does everyone say that the HOT-ROX in the store isn't as potent as the HOT-ROX on this site? So are you telling me that Biotest makes a "rip off" version of their supplements that they sell to the regular joe-shmo. That's a really disappointing thought. I saw HOT-ROX in Wal-Mart the other day but because of all the stuff that's been said on this site about it not being as potent I didn't buy it. I guess the propaganda worked on me huh?

I just don't get why a company would make two versions of their product.

Can someone explain?


GNC and stores like that don't sell the Maximum Strength HOT-ROX available on this site.


Price point

Not to be condescending, but,...
Have you ever shopped at Wal-Mart. Really. Because about 1/2 of what you buy there is a version made just for them and a specific price point.

Sony, Hoover shit just about all of them do it.


For this same reason I have passed up TRIBEX and HOT-ROX at GNC...i'm looking for an answer also.


Simply put it is not a rip off. If you are reading this site you have access to cutting edge information, giving you the tools to use the most potent of supplements to their fullest. You have to look at the type of person buying from this site and Joe Shmoe at Wally World. I am sure SOME people at Wally World could really benefit from Maximum strength HOT-ROX but for the most part the people buying there do not have the basic knowledge as readers of T-Nation.


Its the same thing, same ingredients, just each capsule doesn't have as many milligrams of ingredients in it. Its NOT a rip off product - in fact, its a better deal! So all you gotta do is pop an extra capsule. Again, it was 29.99 compared to the 49.99 it sells for here - either way, your gettin a better deal. However, Spike and TRIBEX(basically Alpha Male in a new rapid release form) were the same sold on Biotest's website and here.

Like Ive said before, I pretty much refuse to buy supps anywhere but here, to support the site thats close to my heart and I love, but, the 24.99 TRIBEX was just too good of an offer to pass up. At a 50 percent discount, yea, 4 bottles came home with me. Either way, Biotest still makes money though :slight_smile:


I don't see the connection between having "T-Nation knowledge" and getting the most potent supplements.


I do. And we deserve it :slightly_smiling:


Keep in mind that a "serving" of the blue pill TRIBEX sold at GNC is half the strength of what you get in Alpha Male. To get the same "hit" as Alpha Male you'll be using that bottle up pretty fast.


It's been my experience that Maximum Strength HOT-ROX is a bit too strong for someone not accustomed to this type of product.

I can see how this supplement would be overkill in Wal-Mart. Besides, it would probably sell for $100 a bottle and probably not too many Wal-Mart customers would be willing to pay this much.


Elaborating on what VR said, I believe Cy has mentioned that its not simply "weaker" versions sold in mainstream stores, and taking more of these does not equal the supplements found on T-Nation.

To my understanding, the ratios, as well as the MGs, of ingredients differ, producing different effects based on the target customer base of the product.

In other words, 4 caps of GNC HOT-ROX wouldn't equal 4 caps of MAXIMUM STRENGTH HOT-ROX, and 3 caps of TRIBEX won't be the same as 3 caps of Alpha Male.


Back to the original post, it is all about shopping around.. you look for the best deal. My experience with GNC is that if you are looking for a specific product, you may end up paying more there. However, if you go in with an open mind, you will find some good deals and good sales.
Also, you have to accept the fact the the clerks are just that-clerks whose job it is to sell. They are not experts, not nutritionists and not trainers. Ask them where something is, they should be able to tell you. Ask them 'what should I take' and it is good business for them to push expensive products or store brands.
GNC is not evil, ignorance is.


NewDamage is on the money.

The products are designed for different population groups.

The Maximum Strength HOT-ROX contains a ratio more conducive to preserving lean body mass, while also containing plenty of the A7-E, which will help decrease fat mass as well.

On the other hand, regular HOT-ROX contains a formula where the ratios are altered more to address appetite suppression as well as stimulating metabolism, while not focusing quite as much on lean body mass retention.

That is what I mean when I say that each has a specific ratio designed for a certain population. The "hard-core" people don't have issues with compliance to a diet, generally speaking, and thus don't need to address appetite as much. Along those same lines, they'll generally have much more lean body mass than the general population, hence the reason why there is more focus on retention of LBM.

Hope that helps clear things up!


I just wanted to mention that GNC cards in Canada are only 10 bucks and you can use them EVERYDAY! They also work in the states to get 20% off also.

I counldn't agree with that more!

I've worked in a GNC for years and consider myself very knowledgable.
However, I don't owe any of that to GNC, I owe it to my interest and dedication to learning about new products. There's no reason everyone else can't do that as well.

No one should rely on employees to do their homework for them.


Yea, but a serving is only 2 caps versus 3 for Alpha Male. Plus, its in the new rapid release formula, wich allows for a more potent blend of herbs.


You fucking lucky Canooks...first universal health care now everyday GNC cards. lol