Must Make A Decision...

I need to make a decision sometime soon about my coming up cycle. This will be my 5th cycle and I have been using aas for almost 3 yrs. My goals for this cycle are as follows: Stay as lean as possible(currently 5.2% b/f), improve definition, and put on about 10-15 lbs(currently 200lbs) of pure muscle. I did the whole “get as huge as possible”
thing(weighed 230 lbs with 8% b/f back in the begining of August, 2006) and now I would like to try something new.

I have chosen an 8 wk cycle consisting of primo/400mg/wk and winny… either 30 mg e/d/inj. or 35 mg/e/d oral. Which brings me to my question.

Considering my goals and without compromising my dosages, (I have done my share of research on oral vs. inj. winny but still cant make a decision) which would more benificial to run with the primo?

Any and all intelligent, useful information would be greatly appreciated.


You lost 30lbs. in a couple of months?

if you’re going to pin every day why not go for a stack like test prop and npp or tren?

Agreed on the tren/prop combo…tis a good one.


First I know 30 lbs is a lot to loose in 30 days but I had accrued an injury and decided to take 3 weeks off. During that time I decided that my original plan(d-bol/tren/primo) for my next cycle was not appealing to me as much as it used to. I decided to try my first cutting cycle and went with primo and winny.

Now that that is cleared up you can see that I am pretty set on this next cycle staying on its current path. I feel like it will benefit my goals more than my previous cycles.

So back to my question… oral(35 mg e/d for 8 wks) or inj.(30 mg e/d for 8 wks).

I know that the inj. version is slightly more potent since it dosen’t have to go through the first pass of digestion. But when it comes down to it the accumulative price, of inj. winny for my needs, is out of my range when combined with the rest of my aas that I need to accuire also. Basically I’m on a budget(Money is very real).

I would go with the oral version but I’m not sure how it would effect my liver to be on orals for 8 wks. I know winny isn’t as harsh on the liver as say something like d-bol or anadrol but I’m still cautious. My health is important to me.

Maybe if anybody wants to share any self experiences to help me out that would be great. Still need some help.


P.S. PCT, workout routine, and diet in check

Anthony Roberts’ website gives a pretty good breakdown of oral vs injectable winny. You should check it out. It should help you decide.

I think the advice you will get from most guys is that you should leave the oral winny for the end of the cycle if you are worried about liver tox. Remember that the Primo (if it is enanthate ester) will be kicking around until about 2 weeks after your last inject.


W 1-8 Primo 600mg/w
W 4-10 Winny 30mg/d
W 11-14 Post cycle therapy (these drugs aren’t very suppressive so you may be able to get away without using anything or maybe just an OTC test booster like Alpha Male to help keep your gains).

This is the cycle I was planning and then I ended up switching the Winny to OT and running it the first half instead of the second half of the cycle.

Hope that helps. best of luck.