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Must Have Supps?


What should I do as far as peri-workout? I have Plazma, but I’m not positive that I want to drop 70 bucks every 2 1/2 weeks on it.


In 19 years of training, I have never needed anything peri workout.


I frequently train fasted and feel like BCAA’s help. Otherwise, just water.


So how do you feel about many of the experts preaching that peri-workout nutrition is so important?


I disagree with them.


Most of those experts work for or are sponsored by those who mean to profit off of it.


Some people have a hard time eating enough to gain weight. I take protein and maltodextrin after training because I feel sick if I eat right after training, but I’m taking about 90g of carbs, not some massive amount.


What about your weight gainer is more special than protein and maltodextrin? I’m seriously curious. I know some of them have multiple sources of protein and carbs but it’s all basically the same thing and you can mix up your own for a lot less, weight gainer is usually around the same price as protein but most carb powders are cheap.

Is this some sort of joke or do you have some different concept of peri-workout? The prefix “peri” means around, so anything you consume before, after or during training is peri-workout, including your weight gainer 5 minutes before training.


No idea about being special, but as far as different, it contained oat bran, buckwheat and whatever millet is.

And no joke: never needed it. Trained without it and did just fine. It is a nice to have, not at all essential.