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Must Have Supps?


Nah. Aside from the prohormones previously mentioned.

I’m kind of high strung and prone to hyper aggression. Have been in jail for it a few times (without anabolics) and would rather avoid anything that could exacerbate it.

On into my mid 40’s I’ve mellowed out a good bit though. Currently, 100 mg. of dhea and some resveritrol has actually had a profound effect on mood and energy amongst other things.


Yeah that can be pretty unfortunate side effect. Reservitrol I’ve heard some pretty damn good things about, I’ve yet to try it. Have you considered trying SARMs? And are you taking regular dhea or 11 or 17 keto dhea?


I just use the regular dhea. It’s commonly available, super cheap, and seems to work pretty well toward my goals. The resveratrol is the same. My basic philosophy on supplementation is to throw it in and if your body needs it your organs will know what to do. If you don’t, you’ll just piss it out.

On the SARMs, I haven’t looked too far into them or heard a whole lot about them. Some hype here and there, but until half of a professional sports team gets suspended and a doctor goes to jail, I will remain a bit skeptical.

And of course, creatine. That stuff has earned a place in my kitchen right next to the coffee and sugar for all of the reasons Chris outlined above.

I think my total expenditure on supps is about $15.00 per month.



If it helps I believe they’re banned in the Marines.


Fish oil. Aka Flameout.



Don’t forget Will Grier got a one year NCAA ban back when he was on the Gators for LGD. Was the first time I heard of SARMs. The fact that they are legal and can distributed for “research purposes” but only banned for some sports is most likely why you don’t hear much on that side is my guess.

If I was a pro athlete and had to risk getting tested, and the risk and penalty is the same for SARMs or real gear, and I was going to roll the dice, why wouldn’t I go with gear?


So what are you saying, supplements can turn you into a woman?


I’m not saying that, no.


Good, I was about to throw out all my protein powder and creatine.


Oh wow, it sounds like you take my opinion on matters quite seriously. I’ll ensure to be cautious in me wording for the future.

But always nice to talk with a fan :slight_smile:


You’re getting a lot of groupie love on the forum these days


You don’t have to show it if you think it’s too much. We can just know it’s there :slight_smile:


I can’t hold back anymore!


If you ever find yourself doing a plan such as 5/3/1 or any style of programme that focuses on beating reps (AMRAP - As many reps as possible) Creatine is hands down a good thing to have as the theory behind it is adding extra Creatine Phosphate to your body to create extra fast energy in the muscle or as it’s called ATP.

That’s the only thing I’d reccomend, also say if I’m bulking I generally add not a ridiculous amount but a couple grams of salt to my daily rice (I have eaten easily over a kilo of rice before as it digests nicely for me), The salt helps add a little water weight which can help you get stronger and not only that it replenishes your sodium levels since you are training and may be sweating a lot.

Other than that food, tried a weight gainer from quite a respected brand a while back, figured I’m paying almost £3 a serving for 1,200 calories where as I can drink a half gallon of whole milk for half the price which seems to sit better for me and I feel less groggy.

EDIT: I also love to get hot salt baths it really soothes DOMs and promotes healing, I have found it helps some dispute it but I tried it after reading Beyond 5/3/1


Instead of weight gainer you can just mix whey protein and maltodextrin, same thing for a fraction of the price. Weight gainer is for suckers.




Vit D, curcumin, fish oil and ZMA everyday. I’m 30 and priority 1 is keeping healthy joints and cardiovascular system.

I have a back that was trashed due to bad form in deadlifting along with a number of bad car accidents. My “70-year-old back”, despite the recommendations from the orthopedic surgeons to get a disc replacement, spinal fusion, etc., has gotten much better once I found that reverse lunges are the only leg exercise I can perform without back pain, strengthen my lower back also, and can still make gains with.

I mention my back because I bought Alpha Male recently to help with my T levels; I do alternate 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off with my pain meds. Knowing full well (despite the doctors assuring me it won’t affect it) that my T levels drop by the end of the 2nd week of a moderate dosage of pain meds EOD, I began cycling Alpha Male in every 2 weeks to do some reversal of the negative effects on my endocrine system.

No blood results, but after 4 months eating ~1200 cal surplus and no change in weight or strength, I had to conclude that the pain meds were doing something I didn’t sign up for. I decided to implement Alpha Male. It’s only been 4 weeks, but the scale has gone up by 5 lbs and so has my strength.

The meds are used on an ‘as needed’ basis at this point but hoping to have them cleared out of my system by the new year.


I think for a beginner like you, it is prudent that you stack one supplement at a time. The idea is we want to find one that works well for you. Using different types of supplements may not help you. You will get confused and this is dangerous. My advice at this point in time is that just try ECA, it is the best for newbies. I am sure it will not disappoint you.


I’ll never understand why people would buy and drink a weight gainer. It’s a battle for me on most days to ONLY be 500-750 Cals in a surplus. Why would anyone want to drink 1000k cals of garbage when you could instead smash some burritos


I can drink weight gainer in the 5 minutes between when I wake up and when I start training.

It was why I started using it in a previous training cycle. Although I also looked for something that wasn’t just protein and maltodextrin.