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Must Have Supps?


Oh what a surprise - there’s no evidence it does anything for humans.

Pity. Anavar isn’t cheap.


Have you ever used both oxandralone and this new substance?

I’d be curious to hear from someone who actually has used it and other anabolics for firsthand info as to whether or not they’re actually comparable.

Cuz this would only be the Nth time a company made a claim that this new plant based miracle substance that is totally legal and not on any banned substance list delivers results like (take your pick of common steroid). Ever since calling these new things by an almost steroid name and touting them as almost illegal ran their course, it would be nice to see a new shtick.

You can only see so many permutations of the same thing so many times before that shit gets old, ya know?


Turns out mammals don’t have the receptors required to utilize it.

Anabolic as fuck though in arthropods!


Double negative in a bunch of doublespeak - very Orwellian.


Orlesian I call myself some days.


I have used both, both unfortunately and expectedly…anavar gives better results. As with everything, what’s on paper doesn’t always translate to practical application.

I’ve used laxogenin several times first I noticed my muscles feel harder and tighter, lean muscle mass increase was pretty decent and mostly diet dependent (duh lol). Id say it gives a little more than a zma supplement but less than a basic androsterone like 1-AD.

If it something you’d like to give a shot without having to take a step into the world of prohormones/SARMS/gear I would recommend either a transdermal application or a pill that has a lipid delivery system so that it can survive down to the digestive tract, and as always research the company you think you might want to go for.


That’s 20-hydroxyecydone, not 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin. If im not mistaken two entirely different things.


Did you get any of the other kind of muscle mass?


No, mostly just lean mass.


The joke isn’t as funny when you switch from lean muscle mass to lean mass, haha.


Oh my I feel slow :sweat_smile:


caffeine, protein and rest…???,.,.


I’ve used the old Mag-10 from Biotest and got a kick out of that, but due to some personality characteristics avoid anabolics.

On the name game- Google gives that wiki page when you enter laxogenin. Given that the description of the source and substance are the same as described by other sources and that “laxogenin” is a given name, not the actual chemical name, I’m gonna go with the wiki.

Once past that, and the absorption/first pass problem, how can it be active as an androgen if there are no receptors to be occupied by it and start the cascade of responses to build muscle?


You’re right google does do that…and that is interesting that it happens but ecdysteroids are an entirely different supplement. They’re from insects, laxogenin is from a plant.

Here is the (short) wiki page about laxogenin including all the names laxogenin goes by.

The source for this wiki page (all of section 3)


As for how ecdysteroids work all I know so far is that from the wiki page you posted supposedly works in vitro for mammals, but I’m going to have to do more research on those before making an actual comment on whether or not I believe they work.





You showed me a freaking bug hormone lol that piqued my interest.


Plant sources and their purpose are covered in the first paragraph of the wiki.


It piqued mine too.

So what legit steroids have you used to make the comparison to this substance?


So that actually takes you to talking about Phytoecdysteroids not brassinosteroids. Laxogenin has a very similar chemical structure to both but it is not them.


Well let’s get this out of the way, I doubt anything will be better than real gear, I’ve tried a small sample of real stuff but not a huge amount…yet. It isn’t better than any steroid or even a prohormone or SARM that I’ve tried. I guess if I had to compare it to something I’d go with watered down baby anavar. Have you tried anything?