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Must have Supplements when on Gear?


My first cycle: Test Enth and Tren.

I'm currently taking LiverCare, Saw Palmetto and AnimalPak to help cope with the stress of the cycle. I'm wondering if I'm leaving anything out.

Aside from the supps for good health support, are there any high-tech supps I should be taking as well or avoid? (i.e. Creatine, N.O. supp, fat burners etc...)
I would assume that it (gear) would be able to increase the effectiveness of high-tech supps, however I don't want to increase the health risks so I must ask...

Thanks guys, I searched but found nothing... :slightly_smiling:


The only must-have supplement when using AAS is Protein. A lot of it… and if you dont have a cheap and decent source for it, then you are going to be spending a lot of money (avoid the Ã?£30/$45 per 2lb stuff… it simply is not necessary).

I buy 10lbs a month which costs me £30/$70.
Whey Concentrate is fine for a lean bulk diet, but when doing a keto-type diet you will need a good Whey Isolate.



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