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Must-Have Supplements for Pre and Intra-Workout

Just out of curiosity, does anybody feel that pre workout and intra-workout supplements make a difference for recovery and intensity in the gym? I’m not talking about caffeine/stim type but more nutritional/electrolyte?? And if so what do you use and how has it helped you? I recently saw a thread where somebody swears by a supplement called Plazma by Biotest and it got my interested in trying it, but for 70$ I would like to hear what everyone else thinks.

Input from people who already have a good diet and aren’t lacking in anything??

Depends where you are on the spectrum of development/hard training. pretty much this…

Cant hurt to throw in some creatine product like krealkalyn either

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I go to the gym right after work but my commute is about an hour so I drink my protein shake pre-workout on the way home from work. Intra-workout is Amino Acids with a shot of Mio sport with electrolytes

Makes sense. I’d consider myself more advance in terms of training and intensity, add to the fact that I work heavy industrial/commercial construction during the day it probbaly wouldn’t be a bad idea to try something. I’m hitting a wall
About halfway through my workouts because of fatigue and it definately means something considering I’m on a cycle right now. I’m also just getting out of a long cut so that could
Be playing a part too.

I use Cluster Dextrin/PeptoPro/electrolytes and never have energy or recovery issues.

Did you notice a huge difference going from not using it, to using it?

I used to mega dose BCAA; @ 40 grams per Poliquin’s advice, peri-workout and noticed zilch in terms of recovery, endurance, etc…

I kinda float between a high fat / pro / low carb and TCKD approach. I use Gaspari’s Glycofuse with a scoop of Humapro or an endurance formula before my grappling, bjj or Muay Thai training. I don’t lift as intensely anymore so my lower carb approach seems to be sufficient.

I’ve found that after training for about 30 years; from bodybuilding. strength training, wrestling, etc… now it’s really highly independent. Part of the fun is trying new approaches to see what works for you. I’ve found I function as well when I replace my carbs with fats. Or schedule a carb night or re=feed day a couple times a week.

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Yeah I never crash during a workout, just constant energy, good recovery, rarely ever sore. No stomach issues. I’d tried different stuff before and settled on this.

I should add that I work out first thing in the morning at 6am so I can’t have normal meals in my system beforehand. Had to find something that works.

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I just got like three things of Plazma… gonna start tomorrow and report back. Plus Brain Candy too. But I’ve used noxplod and on other days bang energy and other stims drinks when I need a boost. Other times I just shoot for some carbs post workout OJ with dextrose and sodium plus sone berries blended up as per the the vertical diet.

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