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Muslims Killing Each Other


Twin blasts in Pakistan: 29 killed, several injured

Islamabad, Sept. 4 (PTI): At least 29 people were killed and scores of others injured in twin bomb attacks, including one targeting an army bus, in crowded markets of Rawalpindi, Pakistani garrison city near the capital today.

The first explosion occurred in a bus ferrying Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission employees to work in the city's busy Qasim bazaar, police said.

Army spokesman Major General, Waheed Arshad, said 17 people were killed in the blast which occurred at around 7.30 a.m, and turned the white-coloured bus into a mangled heap of metal.

The second bomb planted on a motorbike went off 15 minutes later at the bustling R A Bazaar killing at least 12 people.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks. "It is terrorism because innocent people were killed in both blasts," Arshad said.

The army bus was believed to be carrying employees of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, which operates the country's nuclear and missile programme, Interior Ministry spokesman, Javed Iqbal Cheema, was quoted as saying here.

Rescue workers cut open open the wreckage to extricate the dead and the injured.

The blasts sparked panic in the city. Eyewitnesses said there was a huge explosion with body parts and blood scattered on the road.

The second attack may also have targeted another vehicle carrying defence employees, security officials said. "We are investigating what caused the bombings," Cheema said.

Pakistan has been experiencing a spate of terror attacks by pro-Taliban militants since the July military raid on Lal Masjid in Islamabad to flush out Islamic extremists.

The bombings come amid a simmering political crises faced by President Pervez Musharraf over his plans to get re-elected this month, staunchly opposed by political rivals Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto, both planning to return from exile.

Military officials say 60 soldiers and 250 militants have been killed in violence in about six weeks.

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How do you know Muslims put these bombs?


How the Muslims put these bombs?

What do you mean? Have you suddenly changed from the grammar policeman to the guy who anwsers the phone at "tech help" from Dell? Please elaborate.

Do you have inside knowlege. Perhaps you could tell us.


Was there something grammatically incorrect in my post?

Take a look at the title. Surely, Pat is the one who's having "insider's knowledge" here. I simply asked him to share it and give some evidence. Clear?


Ok, nobody has claimed responsibility yet, technically it could be anybody, but let's be realistic shall we. Who the fuck else is going to be doing it. Every other attack in Pakistan has been done by fellow muslims.

I seriously doubt some Hindus across the border suddenly decided to go into Pakistan and start bombing busses just for the hell of it. Who do you think did it? The CIA? Bet you, spot on balls that muslims did it.


Lixy,I give you the benefit of doubt most of the time,but isn't this "Pot calling the Kettle black??" Your evidence isn't always so cut and dry,ya know.


Don't get me wrong, Pat has every right to speculate, but doing so in this manner is irresponsible in my opinion. A title is supposed to be a concise description of the event you're relating, not some wild theory you decided you come up with.

And note that I didn't call anyone "black". I politely asked an honest question to Pat. I could have done without the elaboration GKhan requested.


Fair enough,my brother


"Pakistan has been experiencing a spate of terror attacks by pro-Taliban militants since the July military raid on Lal Masjid in Islamabad to flush out Islamic extremists."

The article assumes it was muslims.


Why would it be anything else but Muslims? Pakistan is a Muslim country. Pakistan is a country pleagued by islamic extremist violence. Pakistan is a US ally. Pakistan is having political turmoil as of late. Pakistan is the new home of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Wait, wait, I know who did it.

It was the IRA.


Geez...pay some attention, will you?

The article is from an Indian newspaper. Islamabad and Delhi have been accusing each other of terrorism for as long as they split apart.

You're quite disappointing today.


I'll get back on my game. anyhow....

I know the Indians and Pakistanis have been having trouble. So what do you think? I gave a lot of reasons why Muslims may be to blame. You think it was the Indian government? Might make some sense in a round about way since they targeted nuclear scientists. But the mode of operation points to Islamists. Do you think the Indians were pretending to be Islamic terrorists?


If you were to render a wild guess, who'd you think did it?