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Muslims and Koreans


"Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed the public expressions of shame and contrition from the Korean-American community after the Virginia Tech shooting? Of course, no one blames this exemplary community for the actions of one nut. The Koreans are manifestly law-abiding and decent ? nipping at the heels of Italians as the greatest Americans and tied for second with the Cubans.

Indeed, I believe this marks the first time a Korean has killed anyone in the United States, not involving an automobile. Nonetheless, Korean congregations, community groups and the family members themselves are issuing statements of sorrow. Not "pleas for tolerance." But sorrow. Remorse. Remember those? They were big back in the day.

If the Koreans can do it, why can't the Muslims? What explains the lack of a Muslim guilt impulse ? so normal, as seen in the case of the saddened Koreans ? after dozens of terrorist attacks on Americans?"



Korean Americans are largely Christian. Christian society denounces criminal acts such as these and prays for victims. Christian society values ALL human life regardless of religion (I can hear the bleeding hearts saying "then why are we killing in Iraq...blah, blah, blah).

Islam celebrates the death of all non-muslims. Muslims only value human life as long as they are muslim...and their particular brand of mulsim (oh and male). That's why it's OK for Suni's to kill Shia. They consider each other as sub-human, as well as all non-believers. They believe that if you catch a non-muslim in a muslim nation, it is OK to keep that person as a slave and if you don't need a slave, go ahead and kill him.

Islam is not the religion of tolerance as some people would like you to believe.


Dunno if you saw this or not, but I just wanted to put it put there:


This from a group of people of people that lose more than 32 of their number a day.


Good post. Thanks.


Sweet, outright falsehood mixed with massive generalizations. Islam has serious problems, but you'd rather just slam it without knowing anything about it. Care to show the Koran passages, because last I checked Muslims have been much more tolerant towards Christians than the reverse throughout most of history.


it seems like you too need to brush up on your knowledge about the koran as well


What a big brush you have. It covers everything with one stroke.


Riiight.. care to elaborate? And no, dhimmi-existance is not being tolerated, it is a non-existance.


I think my IQ fell by 10 points after reading this.

The muslims who were in my school class were all decent, law-abiding folks. Rank-and-file muslims are like rank-and-file ordinary people. They don't consider us non-muslims as "subhuman" or worthy of death.

Some of you guys need to leave the caves you obviously live in.


I know a lot of muslims, infact, I'm dating one. I also come from a christian family, so I know a few of those too. I still critizise religion every chance i get. Why?! Beacause it is irrational and give people an outside motivation. This outside mtoivation, the higher cause, is a very dangerous thing.. As I explained in another thread. Religion is not the problem, but it IS problematic.

A bit of fun trivia though: there has been far more christian acts of terror in the US than muslim.. :wink: In frequency, but the muslims were far better at killing people..

Still: islam IS a problem world wide, it gives warlords, despots and dictators a very usefull tool. A tool you can see used in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Palestine..


From your link:

"In Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, scores of students have been killed and their campuses targeted by Iraqi insurgents who often regard universities as bastions of Western thought and political activities they oppose."

Kind of says it all, eh? Certainly there are sparks of intellect in Islamic societies --- but the terrorists quickly snuff them out.

Islam is anti-science, anti-reason, anti-female, and a whole lot of other 'antis' I can think of. Maybe...anti-life would sum it all up.


Yes I do. I'm tired of dealing with these people and want this shit over. Remember a while ago when a Afghan man converted to Christianity and the "New and improved" Afghan government wanted to give him a death sentence? Yes, very tolerant and peaceful people.


You don't get it.

When Christians commit terror it is unanimously denounced.

When Muslims commit terror, they have a freaking parade and celebrate the death of infidels.

There has been VERRY LITTLE distancing of "good Muslims" from "bad Muslims".


It's not about the actual message of the Koran, it's about what the religious leaders are teaching. What is being taught is violence.


Well, I have to both agree and disagree. Did your christian neighbours excuse the oklahoma federal building bombing..? My parents sure didn't.. Do they take a non-violent stand generally? yes.. but so do many of my muslim friends.

I don't think the solution is to paint all muslims with the broad brush, I think the solution is to help the moderat muslims reform Islam. I think the solution is to make the moderate muslims powerfull.. by putting all muslims in one cathegory, you radically increase the chance of a radical islamofication of the moderat muslims too I'm afraid.


I agree. Of course I don't believe every single Muslim is this or that. However, my confidence in their ability to control the Islamic radicals is decreasing. I seem more sympathy.


To echo what was said. Great post and good point. To those that sent their condolances - from the land where only 32 lost is relatively speaking, not as bad as it could have been.


This is exactly what the Jihadists want. They want us to believe that all Muslims think as they do and they will attack their own that disagree.

Do not fall in to their trap. They want an East vs West holy war.

We need to support the liberals of their society. I wish our liberals would understand this.


A Muslim gave his life to save others in the V-Tech tragedy.



you know? A JEW TOO?!

Who would have known...