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Muslim Woman Competes in Weightlifting


Some controversy because she wants to compete fully clothed but is not being allowed to in an IWF competition.



interesting article.


I swear they just do this to create attention. I'm just joking by the way. Just recently wasn't a entire soccer team banned to qualify for the Olympics for the same reason?


Yah I think it was the Irani women's soccer team. I think its cause they know less clothes = better ratings.


These woman are middle eastern,eh?


How turned on are you right now?


The woman in the story is American (maybe has immigrant parents?).


Just were the required uniform and enter the competition and BAM go back to be fully clothed, how is this even a big deal. They act like the female form is something that is something to be ashamed of.


This raises an interesting question of how much a given society (or group) is expected to bend to a person (or group), and vice versa. I personally think this is taking things too far. Competing in OL is not a natural right, and it is very disingenuous of the people referenced in the article to imply that USAW's rules are bigoted for having certain dress regulations.


Regarding the Irani women's soccer team......

"These are the dictators and colonialists who want to impose their lifestyle on others," Ahmadinejad said in a news conference, after Iranian players insisted on playing while wearing a hijab, thereby forfeiting their recent match against Jordan.

HAHA WTF, how fitting for him to say that little gem.



Maybe I missed it in the article, but what is the reason for the rule? If there is a good reason, then no problem. If the rule is arbitrary, then bending or changing the rule should probably occur. Does anyone know?


Probably clothes can't cover knees and elbows to rule out any supportive gear of any sort. Seems a legitmate rule to me. She should just cover everything but that and compete. Otherwise she should choose between faith and sport. This has been done before (choosing between faith and sport).


If we have freedom then why does one have to choose between the two without compelling reason? I could understand if there's true justification for it, but if it's just to rule out supportive gear a female judge could check her in private to ensure there was no supportive gear and then move on with the competition.


Are you saying it's impossible for a woman to practice Islam without wearing hijab?


It's a requirement of the faith.


Where does the Qur'an mention hijab?


let's stop giving them attention.


Not going to debate that here. I'm sure you can google as well as I can.


I will add that in the arab world the hijab wasn't widespread in the 60-70's. It came back in the 80's and is now making a huge comeback for us non-retarded people to enjoy and get a taste of the new middle-age that is coming.



I don't give a fuck what magic sky god you worship, but it needs to be proven that you're not cheating.

If you can't prove that, if that's too much, then fuck off, find another sport.