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Muslim Imam and Woman Beaten by Christian Mob!


Oh, wait, it was a Catholic priest and nun beaten by a communist mob.


Don't tell anyone. Nothing to see here.


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Heaven forbid that a city doesn't give a permit for a Muslim or a whatever to build a religious building next to a political and religiously charged area. China? They force Catholic Bishops to ordain their own choosing of Bishops who only after the fact give allegiance to the Pope. They also gag a Catholic priest with a guards fist in a trial prosecuting him for get this...being a Catholic priest and teaching things that the Catholic Church believes.

But...do you see that in the news? No, much more interested in bickering over when the President gets to talk or some dumb crap about football and republicans.


The mob happened to be the government.... Just doin' what the Good Lord said they would do, persecute us.






One body.


Don't pretend you have any idea what it's like to be a minority in a country like that.