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Muslim Desecrates Catholic High Altar



Quote from the news article, "On last Monday night a Muslim jumped up and danced on the altar of the Florence cathedral."

This is respect? Do you consider this respect? Because I do not.

What in the hell does this guy think is going to come from his antics? Did this motherfucker not read about the Crusades? Does he not know that when this shit adds up over time, it will eventually lead to someone putting a firm foot down and one hell of an ass kickin'?

I hope this motherfucker is prosecuted and I ask God have mercy on his soul.

Edit: Not advocating a holy war, advocating respect. And, that if you nip the heels of a lion, the lion only has so much patience before it feels like it is in a corner.


Why are you getting your knickers in a knot? There's no need to prosecute him or start another holy war over it. Just get him to rattle off a couple of hail Marys - that solves all problems.


hmm yup don't care.


Whatever bro, don't hate the player, hate the game.


Who exactly is the Lion in this analogy that this wrteched, desperate, stupid, somalian refugee is nipping?


If the game is Religious zealots waxing lyrical about the good ol' Crusading days when we we could kill us some Muslims then yes I do hate it. If the game is getting upset because someone did something stupid and I am meant to take this as a personal insult then yes I do hate it. Let me add I do also hate all the players in both scenarios.

Do you always talk in cliches and analogies?

Edit BTW what's with all this may God have mercy bollox? If you are going to suggest an event like this could be part of a reason for a second crusade (teehee) and loads of Muslims should die, then why not go the whole hog and get some eternal damnation going on? Why would you even beg God to do something anyway? That seems weird. Whatever he is going to do is going to be perfect right? Do you think you have some kind of sway with the big guy?


Well, if you feel that strongly about it, take up arms against him/them.

There is nothing stopping someone from going freelance and declaring war against something that they consider worthy of being wiped from the face of the earth.

All you need is plain tickets and a weapons source when you get there.


just send him to those muslims jurists who consider dancing to be haram.
but don't mention it was in a Church.


Analogy, is history is repeating itself. We got in a fight last time transgressions were had, I don't want another fight.


No, but I've been listening to Jay Z today while writing, and let forth the cliches and analogies flow.

Why would I not want God to have mercy, have you ever read about God's wrath. Stuff you don't want to wish on your worst enemy. Stuff that you'd wish the mountains and rocks to fall on you before having to face.

There was more than one Crusade, that is why it is called the Crusades. I didn't suggest there be another batch of crusades, I said last time Muslims started disrespectfully bullying people around to the point of take over, we had the crusades. I would think such peaceful people would not want to spark such events again.


Wow, my message must be really misread. I am not advocating killing them. I am shocked that someone would do this. How come no one else is upset about this?


Sorry I have no outrage to spare at the moment. Don't you know that Michelle Obama ate a buger? WITH FUCKING FRIES?!


I suppose you have a point here.


Well, what does a lion do when it has been thoroughly agitated? It swats the life right out of the agitator. (just extending the analogy a bit)

Actually, I'm not nearly as concerned with this as I am with the growing threat potential of a full on nuclear war between France and Pakistan.

You see, a while back, France made it very clear that if there was any terrorist acts carried out against them they can go full retard. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/01/19/AR2006011903311.html

In the past couple of weeks there has been a considerable rise in the security measures due to an increased level of terrorist threats and their preparation to carry them out. This is through-out Europe, but reportedly, Al Qaeda has a serious beef particularly with France due to their continued involvement in our current attempt at eradicating terrorists.

With Al Qaeda being embedded in the mountain region shared by Afghanistan and Pakistan, that region is a very likely target of attack if something happens in France. Pakistan has nuclear weapons, and they probably won't appreciate it if France uses theirs on or near Pakistan, which due to poorly defined boundaries, may or may not be spared from a nuclear blast.

Now I know that there are a couple of If -> Thens in there, but we're talking Nuclear War here, not tiddlywinks, and Chirrac made his intentions pretty clear in '06 about their preparation and willingness to go nuclear.

So, maybe in the grand scheme of current world affairs a guy dancing on an altar is bad, but not that bad. Not threat of nuclear war bad.


Ah, that is what happened.

Because here I though that Gottfried of Boullion had a vision to "free" Jerusalem and the Pope and and several European houses went along with it to divert all this pesky feudal aggression towards a foreign enemy (oh how things do not change at all, really).

On their way there they slaughtered a few Jews and when they got there they wiped Jerusalem out. They left the buildings standing though, because, after all, it was the Holy City, and every holy brick was spared.


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Correct. I have no problem with people converting to Islam (besides the obvious spiritual reservations), as long as they are not forced. However, as we have seen killing 'em with niceness isn't Islams MO.

I think that is the general attitude of most people, I'm not worried this single event will break out into something fucked up. However, like I alluded (side note: to all those asking who the Lion is, I am talking about non-Islam) if they keep nipping at the heel of the lion, the lion eventually goes full retard. This is France right now, and soon it'll jump from one country to the next.

No, I suppose if you're looking at body count, guy dancing on a high altar is not as bad as nuclear war.

It's sacrilege, straight blasphemy though. It just frustrates me that someone would think this is acceptable without consequences and the fact that no one is really saying anything about it. He did enter the building with malicious intent, if not broke into the Church.

P.S. To those who asked about the mercy thing, Pope JPII asked God to have mercy on the man that tried to assassinate him. So, not sure why I wouldn't ask God for mercy for such offense.


Sorry, I know this is slightly tangential but this I just don't get. If God has a course of action in mind, it's perfect. By asking him to display mercy when he would anyway is pointless. If he wasn't going to show mercy then that's the right thing to do. Right?

It's not like he's going to get a rush of blood to his head and zap someone and then say 'oops I shouldn't have sone that'. It's not like the Pope would go - God can you show mercy and God go yeah you're right I was wrong, thanks for pointing that out, nice hat.


the french government keep speaking about these "terrorist threats" because they currently need all the ultra-mega-red vigipirate plan security level they can get.

not because of a bunch of maniacs hidden in the pakistani borders
but because of a whole fucking lot of protesting students and workers in the streets.

you know, there is a quasi-general strike in France right now.
and as long as this strike will last, we will see Al Qaeda everywhere in Paris.


Not sure what you "though (sic)," but I do not feel like discussing the Crusades, it is my Church's history. I do know a little about it. You are also forgetting the big factor of how the Islam took over the places they took over. They weren't exactly hospitable. You also forget that the Fatimid Caliph al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah destructed the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Charged the Byzantine Empire large sums to reconstruct it. The persecution of the pilgrims. Turkish Muslim attacks in the east in the Byzantine Empire. The Empire being threatened by the Seljuks. The attacks on China by the Turks. The Muslim Conquest of Syria in the 7th century. The conquest of modern Turkey or Asia Minor from the Byzantine Empire. The Christian Princes of northern Iberia who had been fighting for over a century to get out of the mountains of Galicia and Asturias, the Basque Country and Navarre. To take back land that Muslims had conquered from them. All the Christen land conquered by Muslims like Calabria, Pisa, Genoa and Catalonia, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, and so on. Defending Italy and Catalonia from Muslim raids.

Yes, what we did to Jerusalem was a bad side effect of war. The Church prays for those that were slaughtered in vain, and my deepest apologies to my Jewish and Eastern Christian brothers for those transgressions committed against them by the Catholic Church when taking the Holy Land from the Muslims.

I do remember reading a Muslim teacher in his record keeping during his travels, that Christians treated Muslims better than Muslims treated Muslims.

I do remember reading that Pagans complained, in letter, that not only does the Church take care of her poor, but also takes care of their poor. Christendom has its transgressions, and I know you love to hate Christendom for giving you the choice of being an atheist instead of forced devotion to Allah and Islam. But, Christendom's MO is not convert by concur. I would say most conversions in Christendom come from visions or charity.