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Muslim Delegation Witness Attack


I guess they got a close up and personal view of what Israel deals with. That is to say, Hamas slinging rockets onto Israeli cities. Between accepting the offer to visit, and witnessing this, I wonder how their view of the entire conflict will change. Sort of hard to expect Israeli units not to go in looking for those rocket launchers and the men operating them. Can we stop pretending responsibility falls so heavily on Israel while giving Hamas (and others) a little finger wagging?

"Rocket attack during Indian delegation's visit to Israel

Tuesday August 21, 01:30 PM

Sederot (Israel ), Aug 21 (PTI) An Indian Muslim leaders' delegation, on a rare visit to Israel, today had to scramble behind the mountains to take shelter to escape from Hamas rocket attack from Gaza Strip.

Sirens warning an impending rocket attack went off when the Indian delegation during its visit to the southern Israeli city of Sederot.

"We heard a warning shot which was followed by a siren. We were immediately rushed to take shelter behind the mountains where we heard the sound of another rocket attack which hit the city," Maulana Umair Ilyasi, leader of the delegation, told PTI after the attack which took place yesterday.

The delegation is visiting Israel on the invitation of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Australian Israel Jewish Affairs Council, (AIJAFC).

The AJC and the AIJAC had arranged a trip for the visiting Indian delegation to the southern city of Sederot, which is just 800 metres away from Gaza border.

"We were just watching the Gaza Strip from the top of a mountain when the rockets were fired from the Hamas controlled territory," Ilyasi, General Secretary of the All India Organisation of Imams of Mosques, said.

"There were two rockets which hit the city today," an official said. On an average three rockets are fired from Gaza every day, he said.

Later, in an operation the Israeli forces killed six Hamas activist, the local news channels reported. ZH KJV RT 08211240 DEL"



Good thing they returned Gaza to the Palestinians. Things are now real peaceful-like.

Maybe they should take this and never give in to the Palestinians enless they get something back in return.


90% of Sederot's population are from Morocco.

It's common knowledge that Hezbollah's rockets kill and disturb only Arabs and Muslims.

Don't be fooled and turn this into "Muslims against Jews". It's got nothing to do with it. It's a people with no perpective for the future, jailed in an open-air prison that want to make their voices heard. I agree that it's not the best possible way, but what else can they do? The UN passed resolution after resolution which Israel (hiding behind the US) is yet to comply with.

I'm listening.


Jailed by whom? They are not accepted by the Arab world and the Israelis cannot trust them because of the many, many, many acts of terrorism.

The only solution for them is to cut the horseshit. Renounce terrorism and then the world can bring pressure on Israel to improve their lot.


This is just shameful - no other description.

"What else can they do?" - my God.


The Indian Imam heading up that delegation took a lot of flak for agreeing to the visit. He said that his visit was in keeping with the Indian traditions of seeking dialogue for conflict resolution.

Because of protests in India against his visit he had to delay his trip by one day so that he would be in India to explain why he was going after Friday prayers.

Lixy I think the situation the Palestinians are in is very similar to the one the Jews were in two thousand years ago. They wanted Jesus to lead them into a revolt against the Romans and he would have none of it. Jesus told the Jews in Jerusalem that if they had their uprising they would be slaughtered and the temple would be destroyed.

It is not all the Palestinians who are into fighting the Jews. Some Palestinians are Christians. They would be open to having a dialogue and settling peacefully. But they are held hostage by the Muslim majority who think killing is the answer to everything.

Personally I would love to see the Palestinians have a much better life. I have freinds who are Palestinian. They are nice people.

Fighting the Israelis has done nothing but make things worse for the Palestinians. There are Jews who would gladly help the Palestinians, so everyone can coexist in peace. But you have racist groups like Hamas that are not allowing it.

The Israelis used to let Palestinians come into Israel to work, but the jihadists would take advantage of the situation and send in suicide bombers to blow up buses. Then Saddam Hussein would then pay the bombers family twenty five thousand dollars as a reward.

The UN is a clusterfuck of competing interests. I can believe that probably some of it's resolutions would not have been in the best interests of the Isrealis. I can't fault them for not committing suicide.


It's not Hamas's fault. They are the victims here! They had no choice but to fire rockets into Israel. After all, if Israel didn't exist who else would they get to fire rockets at? It isn't like they are trying to induce an attack by Israel so as to look like victims and dig roots in deeper politcally. I mean, it's not a power play or anything.

You think maybe if they put as much effort into agriculture as they do attacking Israel that the palistinians might actually eat? Wouldn't that be better than sitting around chanting "Death to Israel" while sitting there with there hands out to take charity from the ones they claim to hate?


Now if only they could have their lands back.



Drop right of return, E. Jerusalem, and disarm/dismantle anti-Israel groups (Hamas) and I bet that has a good chance of happening. Otherwise, discussing Israel and Palestine is pointless, as it will never be resolved.


Poor Israel. They're always the victim.

It's amusing to watch everyone shead their tears for Israel when some other group(s) of people actually have the nerve to fight back.



I think you have it exactly backwards - Israel is and has remained "on defense" since essentially 1948, so if anyone is "fighting back", it is the Israelis fending off the hordes trying to push their country into the sea.

Arab states made their bed when they showed naked aggression against Israel - now they must lay in it.

And while the manufactured "Palestinian crisis" - Arab nations encouraged Palestinians to flee the area only to deny Palestinians a place inside their countries - continues to sucker willing dupes into making apologies for Arab aggression, the rest of us aren't willing to fall for it.


You are completely missing the point. Everyone knows Israel treats the Palestinians poorly. Unfortunately the Palestinians give them every excuse to do so.

If they would wise up and stop the murder the world would bring enormous pressure on Israel to change.

It worked in South Africa and it would work in Israel.


The Bedouins want their land back?


The Age of Imperialism started the moment Muslim Arabs "lost" any tract of land anywhere - and not a second sooner.


Send Jordan the memo.


Let me first say that I'm all in favor of disarming the military groups in "the occupied territories".

But, in this particular case I'm afraid "the world" doesn't matter. The only country in the world that could put any kind of pressure on Israel is the US.

If we're to judge from the number of vetoes the US used to protect Israel, the amount of money it sends to the Zionist state, and the number of enemies the US made by unconditionally supporting Israel's actions, I'd say that Israel has more leverage on US politics than the other way around.

Bottomline, the only country that has the ability to "pressure" Israel will never do so regardless of the circumstances. People in Gaza learned that fact the hard way.


I'll do that.

It's worth noting that 4 million Palestinians live in Jordan. Almost as much as the original Jordanians.


I think you underestimate the calming influence of the US on Israel. Israel could be engaging in all-out war with Hamas and killing everyone even slightly involved. The US has repeatedly advised Israel not to engage in retaliatory violence. Somewhat hypocritically; I doubt the US government would put up with being slammed by missiles every day.


Genghis Khan had a good quote when he was shown a mosque. He said, (and I'm paraphrasing) "Why do you have to go in there and pray when God is all around us? He's everywhere."

Why does Allah want the Jews out of Israel? If he is the same God as in the Old Testament, didn't he give the land to Moses? So it would be his will to have the Jews in their homeland, would it not?