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Muslim Bashing by GOP Candidates? Nothing New Here


"The far right is long on fear mongering and short on providing supportive evidence. They ignore major polls by Gallup, Pew and others that show that the vast majority of Muslims are politically, economically middle class and educationally integrated into American society. Their desire not to be confused by the facts contributes to a growing climate of Islamophobia that has led to discrimination, hate crimes, violence, desecration of mosques and the violation of the civil liberties of Muslim Americans. Surveys have shown that Muslims are not looking to install Islamic law in the U.S., promote terrorism or undermine the American Constitution."


Survey does not equal actuality. I also didn't see any support for "contributes to a growing climate of Islamophobia that has led to discrimination, hate crimes, violence, desecration of mosques and the violation of the civil liberties of Muslim Americans"


Yeah it's horse shit. Yet another attempt by the left to make the GOP appear bigoted and rigid. WE really do need a proper third party, I just don't see the other parties not squashing it. Look at the Tea Party, a grassroots movement sucked into the vortex of the GOP. I dare say it made the GOP a little better, there is tremendous room for improvement. The libertarians can't seem to get any traction, but the fault is their own, they've done a lousy job getting their message out.




Then you must not read the news. You're from Tennessee, i'm sure you heard of Murfreesboro, maybe you live there? CNN did a documentary on it.

Or how about protesting the fundraising for a women's shelter?

and clearly Cain and Gengrich are discriminating based on religion.


This is a chain letter I got from someone, I don't know the authenticity of it, but I understand the sentiment


Says you
Can also be found in this thread



Might get shit on for this but oh well.

It's not that all muslims wants to take over or be terrorists, it's that the one's that do, are pretty fucking bad. I've had the opportunity to meet what I believe to be moderate muslims, and I don't look at them any differently than anyone else.

The best thing the moderate muslims could do to remedy this, is to not enable them(the radical) any more, ie don't just be silent about their actions, condemn them for the injustices they do.

I have some friends in Serbia, if you wanted to own land there, you can, as long as a Serbian can own land where you're from. It's called reciprocation.
I look at immigration the same way. If my countries citizens aren't safe in your country, then why would we allow that countries citizens to immigrate here? You're literally importing potential problems. It's a potential trojan horse just waiting to happen. At best, I would think that heavy screening(ie background check) of anyone wanting to immigrate to your country from areas where your countries citizens aren't safe, would be appropriate. I hope that came out how I think it did.



"As the hand book spells out, the organization's ultimate goal is "the Establishment of Islam" as the sole basis of global society and governance. It also encourages members to deceive people in its proselytizing campaign to help fulfill this goal."

"ICNA's magazine has featured interviews with terrorist leaders in Pakistan, called on youth to fight abroad in Kashmir, and honored like-minded extremist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and South Asia's Jamaat-e-Islami. Concerns have also been expressed about 5 young members of the group's Virginia mosque, who were arrested and convicted on terrorism charges after attempting to link up with and fight for Pakistani terror groups in December 2009."

"The group also realizes that achieving its aim is a slow process and involves several stages. In a section called, "Levels of work by the Islamic Movement," ICNA lists five stages to attain a global Caliphate. The group advocates spreading its view of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, starting with the individual and family, and then implementing the "Establishment of the Religion" in the society, state, and global level."


Churches get vandalized too, what does that mean?

The article asserted causation between what the candidates said and increasing violence against Muslims. Nothing you've posted in any way corroborates that.


Next, You are flat out lying. They were protesting the organization, not the woman's shelter. They group doing the fund raising also has channeled money to Hamas.

Lastly, discriminating based on beliefs is OKAY. Not all discrimination is bad. Nor did they mention discriminating based on religion, but based on being pro-US.


"How do I differentiate between the true Arab/Muslim Americans and the Arab/Muslim terrorists in our communities who are attending our schools, enjoying our parks, and living in OUR communities under the protection of OUR constitution, while they plot the next attack that will slaughter these same good neighbors and children?"

I don't know buddy, how do you know that your mailman isn't a psychopath planning to one day rape you children and skin you alive. Surely there have been psychotic mailmen in the past.

There good and bad Muslims, as there are good and bad people of every creed, color, religion, race, occupation, political ideology, and dick size.


This is fundamentally flawed logic.

There were no good Nazis. (if they were good, they weren't Nazis)
There are no good slave owners.
If I belong to the religion of "commit a rape every day" I'm not good.

Beliefs and actions should not be fundamentally protected from discrimination. They are not in any way like race, color, or dick size.

Something being a religion should not guarantee it's protection.


It is your analogy which is flawed. Islam is not comparable with Naziism or chattel slavery.


To be clear, you can argue there is nothing inherently violent, or Anti-American in Islam. You can say there is nothing in Islamic belief that warrants discrimination. BUT the notion that for the sole reason that it's a religion and therefore can't be discriminated against is faulty.

Pick up the nothing wrong with Islam torch and run with it if you want, but I'm not going there today.


It is in every way necessary to invalidate your argument. Being a religion should not grantee acceptance.


And if a historical record (or possible interpretive support) of violence is enough to disqualify a religion and its adherents from protection under the law, then Christians had better start getting used to profiling, invasions of privacy, and vituperative open letters written by jackasses and disseminated via email chains.


Very true. My point is that Islam deserves the protection that Christianity and Judaism deserve. Criminals and murderers deserve condemnation and punishment under the law--as individuals.


But doesn't that also mean they can be mocked and ridiculed in a similar fashion as Judaism and Christianity are?


Certainly. I'm referring specifically to people who would like to see them stripped of equality under the law or political power.


They were protesting the organization by screaming at children and people there to raise funds for a shelter. And then suggested that marines go shoot them all.