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Musings of the Hungry

Figure I’ll start keeping track of my diet, training, and whatnot.

453.6 grams of potatoes
.5 liters of yogurt
4 ounces of carrots
.5 kg’s of mozarella cheese
7.56 liters of water
only had one meal yesterday

oh yeah, forgot to mention…

trying out a little experiment, something I picked up from Mr. Poliquin; before I train today I’m going to rub my feet and inner thighs with creatine and bcaa’s. Hopefully it will increase my serum levels of creatine and bcaa’s, this should keep me anabolic and stop me from going catabolic. I would like to do some phlebotomy to test it, but that seems impractical for now.

shoulders and back today.

standing military- worked up to 155 for a triple
lat pulldowns- 200 for 4, 180 for 6
lateral raises 20x8-drop 15’s for 8
cable rows-210 for 8
seated machine press- 95 for a bunch