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What songs have been getting your T (chi) going lately?
Here’s my latest list of downloads:
 Andrew WK – She is Beautiful, We Want Fun. Chuck on jackass, let your hair down, throw out all that crybaby modern rock and soak up the old school riffs. Not a serious man at all. I miss Motley Crue. Makes me go off. The new Weird Al Yancovic.
 Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t fear the Reaper. Mellow old 60’s/70’s sound
 Nirvana – Breed. High school revival. I had the cutoff Vedder army pants, Kurt hairstyle and big GP (army) boots with a long sleeve Kurt shirt.
 Pacifier (formerly Shihad) – Run. Awesome Kiwi band. Broncos will smash Warriors next time round Whetu, Hyphnz & co. Bring on big Gordie the enforcer!
 Don Henley – Boys of Summer. The old days, lost love. I wonder where they all are now “sniff”. Probably plotting my demise :). Where do they go after me Heh Heh. I love to pop this one in the tape player of whatever Kingswood I happen to be driving at the time :slight_smile: and just drive a straight road to wherever. That’s what I’ll do when I finish University. Go fruit picking for a while.
 Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark. Dunno much about the boss but he should post in Photo’s
 Bad English - When I See You Smile. High School fame once again.
 STP – Plush. Love that melody. It has the necessary nostalgic love story, chivalrous type content. Sing it, “And I feel it, and she feels it...Whe’en the dogs do find her...”
 U2 – With or without you. What does this band not have
This is the eighth time I have tried to post this. Fingers crossed. I use winmx to get this stuff. I'm not a huge muso, I just listen to whatever tickles my fancy. Give us a taste of your material Ms Vedder & co.



Jimmy Eats World - I know it's old. but it's just coming off high rotation.

Frenzal Rhomb - Sans Souci...Punk-O-Rama from the Aussie boys who know best..!

Loving Pacifier as well, but have shifted them from high to medium rotation (due to overkill).

The Haunted - The new Slayer...?
Yes..? No...? Who cares...!

The New Pornographers - "The Rules Have Changed" - great chunk'o'pop.

The Mars Volta - bejeezus - no comment. Too good to share.


The new Spearhead album is good.

Madlib & Peanut Butter Wolf

Queens of the Stone Age

Fishbone, always classic Fishbone.


So you thought you could hide a dig at us Kiwis in the middle of a post eh! WRONG!

Man, the Broncos are doing the complete opposite of what they normally do, they are usually hitting form right now, but they are crap! Could be the end of Bennett.

BTW, please don't [b]ever[/] let Villasanti or Meli tackle me :slight_smile:


My music collection is to large to cover everything, but some of my favorites at the Beatles, Grateful-fuckin' Dead, Led Zep (of course), Allman Bros., Pantera, Spyro Gyra(SP?), Steely Dan, Alice in Chains, Janes Addiction, Body Count (Ice-T's rock band), Pink Floyd, , Rush, Wings, the first 4 albuns of Metalica, Emminem etc. Actually Match Box 20 is starting to grow on me. Got nothing against other artists, but allot of the new music just doesn't seem to me to have alot of heart; and thats a shame. There are some very talated mucians out there. If they would just tell the record companies to kiss they're prospective asses, I think they could put out some very interesting shit. Right now, I just see allot of corperate music, we are due for a change.
If you haven't noticed I am pretty old school, but that's becuase allot of the new music sounds the same.

P.S. If my spelling is bad, it's probably due to my sinus infection. Either way I don't give a shit. I apologize to anybody it bothers.


Queens Of The Stone Age is sweet, their style is kinda weird, but it is different then all the other new crap out right now.


Don't Fear the Reaper? Thats a pussy song! :wink: (anyone ever see The Stoned Age?)

The new Nappy Roots album came out the other day... "Wooden Leather" -- Good shit. I've been listening to that.. and theres also a couple of new Outkast songs that came on some promo CD that are pretty bitchin'.


Ms. Vedder, being that you are a girl, I find it quite difficult to adequately defend any argument that something is not of "pussy" in nature.

"Yeah, it's not a pussy song! My girlfriend says it isn't!"



Ms. Vedder...I don't think he was really calling it a "pussy song." Like he mentioned, it's a quote from The Stoned Age. You have to see it to understand it.


history repeats itself. in the mid 80's most music was corporate nonsense[hairbands,boybands,etc..]then the early 90's came along and, along with some other bands, the seattle sound [alice,nirvana,pearl jam, soundgarden]set the commercial music scene on its ear and, really changed the world.
now, we're back to where we left off in the mid-late 90's where different people are singing the same shit. most hip-hop is the same, most"rock" is the same,etc...,etc.. there are a few good bands now [jack johnson, mos def, last emporer to name a few]lets see if they can outlast commercialism and the need to sellout to the all mighty dollar.
peace, flash


Ah well commercial works, just ask Jewel (nice ass). Wow, awesome stuff everyone. Time for some downloading esp Queens of Stone Age. Got all Pantera CD's. Slayer love it. Still cruisin after all these years :slight_smile: At dawn they sleep has to be the most chilling live song I have ever seen.
Rammstein anyone? - und steck den finger in the ashe. What does that mean?
Hyphnz - You lot never miss a trick :slight_smile: Not often you see Shane Webcke get fucked up like that. Ouch! What are you doing wasting good wingers on Union (Rokococo)?


Go Frenzal Go! - I saw a car in Rockhampton with a Frenzal mural all over saying that.
Did you hear about gordie mixing an antique bottle of scotch with diet coke at a producers house :slight_smile: lol
How come I didn't get flamed over Andrew WK :slight_smile: (just occurred to me)


Not all corperate music sucks, but the corperate influence a presude sucks. I want somebody to buck the system. I want them to say "Fuck you, I do it my way or you can get fucked". But to many of ther are dependent on the money (understandably so)to do that.
What blows me away beyond comprehension, is the the music industry is prosecuting and suing thier fans form down loading music!!! If they don't want people to download, make the music cheap and accesible and don't put one or two good songs on the album and fill the rest with complete crap. Then I'll buy them with out thinking twice. I am not buying a whole CD for one or two songs I like. I will down load them and therecord industry can suck my dick. There is only a handful of recent bands making thier music very accessuble for instance: Phish, Widespread Panic, even Dave Mathews. I don't particularly care for thier misic, but their fan base is HUGE!. In otherwords, there's other ways to make a profit besides record sales. The sooner they figure that out the better off everybody will be. The artist are the ones who make the record companies money, the sooner the artists figure this out and act on it, the better. Fuck Mettalica and fuck the record companies, I buy music, but mostly from people who respect me as a consumer and a fan. I hope all the record companies go out of business!
As for me I will record as much music as possible for free...But Iwill buy some, but from people not anxious to rip me clean off.

$15 bucks for a CD. Two words: FUCK YOU!!!. How about $.35 for a blank!



plus all the old school,shite from led zep to peral jam
then there is the kiwi stuff
im loving my rock at the mo`

O`shea you should know by now that you should fear the kiwis.


pat i disagree. i dont think i have to rehash this arguement as it has been done to death. sure there are 2 camps, yours and mine.
in my mind pirating is theft, plain and simple.

A context that might be made simpler to the people here is me buying CT's Big Black Book and then posting the whole thing on the web for all to see, because some people dont want all the info in the book just one or two chapters. it robbing the author of their income, and a dick in the ass for all their hard work (thats s`posed to be a bad thing by the way).

as a former musician and friend of many struggling muso's i come down heavy on any of my friends STEALING music from the web, especially up and coming bands.
sure if its and old track/album that is no longer published then i see no harm.
my &0.02


Villesanti the Human Head Missile...?

Ask Fittler how that one feels....!

Go the Bunnies, by the way.

I'd like to mention to Ms. Vedder that the Ataris latest album "So Long Astoria" (with Boys of Summer on it) is one of the CDs of the year. Thanks for reminding me...!


Fuck Fittler, serves him right the shifty bugger :slight_smile:



All that money ot get back in and they are shite :slight_smile:


Moist (ie Silver, Push, etc)
Danko Jones
...and that song Faint has a nice ring to it...


Yeah Frenzal rock!!!. Russel Crowes band is a fucking pile of shit.
And go the knights!!, i know we don't have Johns for the rest of the season but i know the boys can make something from what they have.