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Yeah, I think the singer’s name is Kevin Sharpe who used to be in a band called Brutal Truth a while back. I’ve been involved in the music scene for years and years and have made a ton of connections, mainly the heavier stuff.

im guessing your a sooner?

fitone, you hit the nail on the head. Plain and simple, Master of Puppets, Ride the lightning, Black Album, man, the day that doesn’t get me in the zone, im gonna stop lifting.

I hate to admit it but I haven’t been following what’s new in heavy Metal or is there even still a Heavy Metal catagory. What gets me in the Zone in working out is 80’s Heavy Metal Or hard pounding Trance music like DJ Testio or Paul VAn Dyke. When I say 80’s heavy meatal I mean groups like METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, SLAYER, etc…

The MISFITS kick ass. Also ANTI-FLAG and FEAR (especially the track on the first FEAR album called “I don’t care about you”) Get that song it’s great. ADOLESCENTS are way up there too!

By God! Remember that thread where you were talking trash about Colorado beating Nebraska and I brought up the Sooners? You then said something about OU’s defense being tough.

I also gave you hard time in your Tool thread a while back. I said that I didn't like them and that Elton John was better or something. Everyone then proceeded to make fun of me. C'mon on man thats me, remember? :)

Vogue by Madonna

MBE, bro, I thought you were going to jump in on this one!? I have a few things to say.
Tool is in fact not good. They are not as talented as everything thinks.
Papa Roach, how anyone can listen to their crap is beyond me. For fuck’s sake their in a Pepsi Blue commercial.
Disturbed (D Rock puking on the floor at the mear mention of their name) is horrible. Completely unoriginal and just fucking cheesy. Ooooo wah ah ah ah. How creative, he got lyrics from visiting a nursery.

Here are my picks: Pantera, Korn (1st 2 albums), Slipknot, VOD, Nothingface, Lostprophets, Candiria, Chevelle (newest album), Blindside (my fav right now), Taproot, Vex Red, Coal Chamber (1st album), Five Pointe O, Burnt by the Sun, Downthesun, Vacant Stare, Demon Hunter, Primus (the heavy stuff), (hed)pe, Deftones (old stuff).

Oh MBE, I do have a band you might find interesting (notice I didn’t say like). Check out Dog Fashion Disco, it’s Korn + Hardcore + Circus Music. They’re certainly not for the musically challenged that find Papa Roach and Disturbed enjoyable.

(On a side note, I used to listen to Papa Roach, until I saw those assclowns perform live. If you’ve seen them, you know what I’m talking about.)

My gym plays techno, which is okay, at least it moves and it doesn’t have tons of annoying vocals. I would prefer Celine Dion, or Barbra Steisand if it happens to be “squat day”. I also enjoy “Wolverine Blues” by Entombed or a little Iron Monkey before a workout.


I agree with D rock, papa roach is shithouse, i dunno how u can call it real music.
And i just borrowed Tools cd, and i thought it was a lump of crap, and Disturbed, Especially there song-The game, pure and utter crud.
Look around a bit more, there’s some real talent out there.

of course i remember you. sorry i forgot for a sec b/c i was in a bit of mourning. see, with only 67 passing yards and 3 missed field goals, i just wasnt paying attention. so i would talk shit, but this time i REALLY have nothing to back it up. so im gonna do the best i can…GO WSU

I’ll have to take D-Rock’s word for PapaRoach suckin ass live. Hey I believe it, when everyone loved Nirvana I couldn’t stand them after seeing them live.

It's cool to see that I'm not the only hed(pe), Coal Chamber, and Taproot fan.

You might want to check out Sevendust, by far the best live band I've seen yet. MushroomHead was also pretty sick at Ozzfest.

I aint gonna lie, I still think Disturbed is great to listen to.

mdog to brock
i like ramstien and prodigy

my favorite papa roach lyric" don’t give a fuck if i cut my arm bleeding"!!?? wtf,can we say pull that out of my ass. lo