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I definetely think that one of the best album’s to workout too is LoveHateTragedy by Papa Roach. Has anybody ever heard this masterpiece? Also, Tool’s Lateralus gets me in the zone as well. Do any of you guys agree with me and if so, what are some of your favorite albums to workout to?

Worked out to Tool last night.

While I like the Papa Roach album, I would hesitate on calling it a “masterpiece”. The guys are good, but still leave a little to be desired. However, I have She Loves Me Not on my mix tape for when I work out.

Tool is absolutely the shit. Too bad they don’t get more respect. But I guess it’s almost like T-Mag. The people that know are much better off, but a lot of people who don’t know wouldn’t really get it anyway. But I was extremely disappointed when I saw them in concert for the first time a few months ago.

Do a forum search for music. There have been several threads on it, with band names that I can’t remember.

well, I might’ve been taking it a little far calling it a masterpiece, but, it definetely is my favorite album right now, It’s probably because I relate to the album so much. She Loves Me Not is definetely a good song, but have you heard the rest of the album it goes so hard, I just can’t really explain it.

tool all the way, papa roach can’t stand them. they played them every friken other song, the damn radio ruined it for me.sepultura has some good stuff, lots of drum beats i like, then some classic slayer.

pantera too

I love Papa Roach and Pantera. However, I must offer what I believe is far more motivating musical selections. If you want to get a great pump give these songs a try.
Lift to Billy, don’t be a hero by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods. Or, Sweet Surrender by Bread. You could also pump iron to Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell. If that doesn’t do it, try Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves by Cher. Still not getting a good pump? Try Popcorn by Hot Butter. You could alternate in a little Emmaline by Hot Chocolate. My final offering: the album, Body Mind Soul by Debbie Gibson. I hope I have helped.

You left out “It’s Raining Men”.

Papa roach and Tool are ggggreat bands (sarcasm) if you’re too scared to dig deeper into real heavy metal, if not then Sepultura, Pantera, Meshuggah, Nothingface, Souldfly, and Slipknot should really get your heart pounding and blood pumping.

Damn American bands, get into some real bands from Oz, like Grinspoon and Silverchair.

Disturbed…awesome shit.

Brock, I don’t know if you’re serious about the Aussie music thing or not, but if you are, are you familiar with Damaged? One of the most kickass bands ever. Utterly brutal.

anything by tool, my alltime favorite band. (check out my thread entitled tool)

To all 3 Tool fans on this board don’t go to JC#10’s thread on Tool. Its a total waste of time. Kind of like the Colorado Buffalo’s, eh JC? :slight_smile:

Papa Roaches new CD rocks, However, in my opinion the best music to train to is in the following order… DOWN, Pantera, Slayer, or any of the three Jackyl efforts.

PapaRoach’s new CD IMO sucks. Their first one was better, and more people into rock would have liked it more if it didn’t appear on MTV so much. Meshugah sounded good at Ozzfest but then you only heard 3 songs. My friend got the CD, and it’s very repetative.

Like others have said try Pantera(Vulgar Display of Power is my favorite when lifting) Slayer, Slipknot, Mudvayne.

My friend recently got me a CD for my birthday of a band called Skinlab. I had never heard 'em before, but from the CD they sound pretty cool.

Zev, do you live in Australia? I’ve heard some of the stuff by Damaged and they are absolutely insane! Does a guy named Kevin still sing for them? He’s a close friend of a friend of mine.

The disc I have been listening to in the gym is Lostprophets. Good shit, I would highly reccommend.

I live in America and have never even been to Australia; I just happen to be a huge Damaged fan. That’s cool that you have a connection to them. They’re amazing.