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It’s been a while since the “Training Music” Thread was going strong. Since then, I’ve really got into Linkin Park (Thanks Shugs et al.). Of late, System of a Down’s release, Toxicity, has been in my Discman non-stop and it’s perfect for a training ‘soundtrack’. I imagine there are other System fans lurking, but are there any other bands that the T-peeps can suggest?

The White Stripes are another band I have to check out.

Drax, I have yet to puruse Danny Gatton, but it's on the list. Thanks for that.

Mufasa, no offence, but “What Women Want Soundtrack” listeners need not apply. jk. You may even like some of System’s stuff. Check out their website for Media Files (Download “Chop Suey!”). I’d be curious to hear yours (and others who like it softer) opinions.

ive recently become a big fan of godsmack. their shit is awesome.

LOL. I’ll probably be the lone dissenter here. I used to try to listen to the heavy stuff to get pumped for a lift. It never really worked for me. Now I listen to upbeat music that takes me back to my childhood, like (don’t laugh) ELO, Kool and the Gang, and ABBA. One of my roommates LOVES Pantera. A few months ago, he started giving me shit one day when I had Waterloo blasting at full volume. “What the HELL is this?!?” he asked. About three weeks ago, he sheepishly asked if he could borrow my copy of ABBA: Gold. I asked why, and he said that it made him feel happy. Same reason that I listen to it.

I still like to wake up to Ozzy or Danzig though. :)

NOFX is definitely my favorite band to pump up when I’m lifting. Like I’ve said before, PUNK!

Godsmack! I’ve got their debut release, but not the second (with Alive, etc.). I’m not sure if I like the track for the Scorpion King Soundtrack, but I need to hear it more to be sure.

Again, if you listen to ABBA, you need not apply here. Kidding Demo, rock on to whatever gets the job done.

You’re missing out if you haven’t heard Danny Gatton yet. :slight_smile: www.dannygatton.com has audio/video clips if your into that. I’m also getting into Bela Fleck & the Flecktones.

GUNS-N-ROSES is some of my favorite lifting music. Godsmack is also great. I have a CD burner, so lately I’ve been making CDs with all my favorite workout music. Zombie and Ozzy are good too. Yesterday I tried working out to Bone Thugs n Harmony, and it really wasn’t that bad.

i just got both static-x cd’s, and that shit pumps me up. i have to say though, ive become a fan of lifting to techno, something trance like oakenfold, miles, or one of the trance/global mixes, because the songs just flow into each other and tune everything else out. and although i love rap, its kind of hard to lift while snoop dog and his homeboys are taking bong hits for 5 minutes on 5 songs of a cd.

Give Megadeth a listen they are one of the best metal bands!

the new Primer 55 album kicks ass. Start off with “This Life”

these bands kick so much ass to listen to when working out. (shit they kick ass no matter what)

  1. In flames
  2. Testament (the most underated metal band in existence)
  3. Iced Earth
  4. Pro-Pain
  5. Pantera


NOFX? That’s not Punk. Try listening to some black flag, minor threath, fugazi, bad brains ,dead kennedys, fugazy, etc…

yeah i was gonna ask, is mudvayne pretty badass? ive havent heard much of them, but i hear they are pretty hardcore. do they sound a lot like static-x or not?

Big! LOL! Nope…wouldn’t listen to Frank and Sammy to workout!

I listen more to EWF…“Funk Essentials”…The “heaviest” thing I listen to is a looped disk of “Frankenstein” (Edgar Winter Group)…and some 70/80’s rock…

…but a LOT of times…it’s just my grunts and the metal, baby! No music at all…

NOFX? That’s not Punk.<

NOFX isn’t punk? What?! I know you have to realize Rancid is defintely punk, and the new Rancid/NOFX is a compilation of the two bands covering one and others songs. Paying tribute to each other for being two of the BEST punk bands still around! Go listen to it!

sevendust, tool, some techno, black sabbath, alice’n’chains, zeppelin, anything you can sing to

hahahaha that cracked me up.

brothers, all time favorites got 2 b suicidal tendencies, slayer, sepultura, old metallica, regean youth, black flag, stalag 13, cryptopsy, gg allin, pantera, rage, system of a down, the exploited, long live S.T. venice suicidals

It’s cool to see another Sevendust fan on here.

For lifting, some old Megadeth. Spineshank, Machinehead, Slayer, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Godsmack, Pantera, White Zombie, In Flames, At the Gates, Korn’s first CD, System of a Down, Static X, Rammstein, Nonpoint, Skrape, Taproot, Sepultura, and Soulfly are all good ones. I need to get a soundproofed garage with some weights so I can make my ears bleed while I lift.