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what do you guys listen to to get fired up before the gym?

White Zombie
LInkin Park
and sometimes,… before I leave the house I toss in the Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack… makes me wanna tear someones head off! (lol)

hell yeah, those are some great bands right there, nothing beats some disturbed or mudvayne right before the gym in my opinion. tell me you dont wanna kill the girls that say the guys in boybands are sooo hot and have such nice bodies. DUDE, I have to sit there and really explain how they are like 5’5 140 in person, and that most of the girls are as big as them. nothing pisses me off more than the boyband members wearing cutoffs to show their scrawny arms off, or showing their abs off cuz they have 4% bodyfat, but no muscle at all. its called being scrawny.

ABBA Gold. It added 20 pounds to my bench. Really!

I’m going to say something different than the regular hard metal bands that get named off in these threads. Third Eye Blind. 3EB is most definately my favorite band and I’m yet to meet a person who dislikes them after giving them an honest listen(except for those who refuse to like anything but urban music). Both their albums are incredible and every other song they’ve released is definately worth a listen. But yeah, their definately in my stereo for the drive to the gym, almost daily. Another noteworthy: the Pharcyde. Anyone agree?

Earth Wind and Fire…

“Frankenstein”; The Edgar Winters Group

Dragula by Rob Zombie. Anything by Metallica or Iron Maiden. Also, Give me some lovin’ by Spencer Davis group, I have to be carefull listening to that one on the way to the gym because it makes me drive to fast.

I forgot Kool & the Gang: Greatest Hits. For some reason, Jungle Boogie and Hollywood Swingin’ get me fired up like nothing else. Mufasa, great pick! You ever listen to Pure Funk? It’s got all the good stuff from that era/genre. Might be worth a look, if you don’t already have those tunes on other albums.

Anything loud by pissed of people.

Almost anything by Tupac.

Prodigy, Rammstein, Anal cunt, Dying fetus, Metallica, Pantera, Slipknot, Static X, Disturbed, Machine head, Sinatra, Die Krupps, Fear factory, Chemical brothers, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Atari Teenage Riot, Theatre of Tragedy, Fantomas, …

Bad Religion, AFI, Offspring, Pennywise, The Bouncing Souls, Rancid, NOFX, Bigwig, Strung Out, Face to Face, Lagwagon, Social Distortion, Less Than Jake (I could go on and on - in short, most punk rock)

Man, I bet you Sinatra never figured he’d be mentioned in the same sentence as a band called Anal Cunt.

Demo: There is a GREAT series out called “Funk Essentials”. Great Stuff! It is a series of C.D.'s that are of various groups and Artist that defined “Funk”. I have “Kool and The Gang”, “Parliment/Funkadelic” and “Cameo”.I forget the rest in the series, but I hope to own them all within the year.

“Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat” soundtrack…unbelievably commando/violent/war-time music. the other mechwarriors are good to but not as good as mech 2. incase you are wondering what it is it is a computer game.

Before and during most workouts I crank up the sterio with the clasic rock…ACDC,
Guns n roses, etc…
As long as its loud with a fast beat its good…

currently i listen to Hocico-Signos_de_aberracion-(2002)

Fucken amazing album… Awesome industrial, these dudes are spanish…

sabbath, ozzy, mudvayne, offspring, rage, zombie, slipknot, rammstein, system, disturbed, etc. This usually helps me make it thru the ‘pop’ that’s usually being played in the weight room.

frontline assembly, rammstein, funkervogt, hellfish & producer, sielwolf, red harvest, panacea, gladiator soundtrack, imminent, noisex

Some great choices so far but how could nobody list System of a Down? I just bought Toxicity two days ago and it is amazing!! Also I didn’t see one mention of Rage either…you simply CANNOT leave them out. “FUCK YOU, I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME! FUCK YOU, I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!”