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Music You Like That Would Surprise Others



This one fits T Nation…


Ballroom Blitz came on some Spotify mix I was listening to in the car just as this old decrepit guy started to cross the road… he was moving very quickly but his upper body was stiff as fuck and almost exactly to the tempo of the song.

Made me burst out in laugher. There were tears. Afterwards I thought I’m going straight to hell lol


I saw him as a guest on ‘Top Gear’ a few years ago and I got the same impression, he had the personality of cardboard.
I don’t know if he is good live, but given your report and the fact that concert tickets now run in the hundreds of dollars, I am not anxious to find out.

I have been to tons of live shows. When your tickets cost $20 to $30 bucks, you can take chances. When the tickets cost 120 bucks I am way more selective to the point where I almost never go now.

One of the worst shows I ever saw was Crosby, Stills and Nash. They played like 45 minutes, covered the hits and left. We barely finished a joint and it was time to go.
We didn’t even clap for an encore. Really disappointed.
On the other side we saw BB King and it was great. Didn’t mind the 30 bucks to see that show. There some great Blues artists in tow. He had a great live personality and was great fun. But there was no way I’d go for 100 bucks.
When Ben Franklin is involved, I don’t take chances. Fortunately, I grew up in the last great era for seeing live shows.
My wife got tickets to see Kenny Chesney at 80 bucks. I was bored shitless. It was so contrived and passion-less I would rather have taken a nap. And I don’t dislike his music, his show was boring, though.


I have heard that before. I used to love Metal, then Pantera showed up.
They are the only band I have ever known to peak a genre to the point no others can compare. That’s my opinion of course, but they fulfilled all that metal could ever possible to be and nothing could exceed it.
Doesn’t mean I don’t like other metal bands, but they hit the pinicle. Truly angry, truly hard, and extremely talented. Needless to say such a thing could not last long,but they took metal as far as it could go without being complete shit.
That has nothing to do with other metal bands being good, they just blew them all away in every way.

Soooo, Pantera. Love it. They are like early Metallica x10. They go to 11.


This thread needs some new music… Prince. That’s all that needs to be said. A modern day Mozart. This was during a transitional period for Prince, when he was going back to his name and starting to consider being a Jehovah. This may have been the last album he used a curse word on, not in this song though.
Rumor has it that Eric Clapton was asked what it was like to be the best guitar player in the world, he answered. “I don’t know, ask Prince.” I saw Prince live 3 times, each show was vastly different than the others and were all amazing performances.
RIP… His death hurt. I usually treat celebrity deaths as any other, they are just people. But Prince was a true talent that will never be replicated. It’s sad he will never make music again. He was such a gentle dude, but such an explosive performer… The world desperately needs artists right now…
We could have used Prince for a few more years. He wrote so many amazing songs it’s hard to count them all, because he wrote for other artists too.

I wish I were a kid in school, because my Black History month project would be Prince…


Reminds me of another Walker Hayes song…

I’ve been to quite a few. Ironically, I don’t think I’ve ever paid for a show. My little brother used to buy me a ticket so he would have a ride. My biggest concert regret is not seeing Tom Petty live. I had two opportunities, one last summer and another the year before.


Time for some fun… "The Greatest Band in the Wolrd, KISS!"
The last bastion of pure unrepentant, unadulterated misogyny in the world. They crack me up. The lyrics are hilarious.
I saw them on their 1998 farewell tour… Then they kept going, and going and going… They needed to stop touring 20 years ago, but they kept going and going.

So I say “Lick it Up!”


I like this thread, I don’t want it to die… Maybe some Jane’s Addiction will infuse some life in to it:


I’ve been diggin it too, not surprising given my age but here’s where the playlist has brought me today:


Love Janes Addiction. Reminds me of early days of snowboarding. I would always cue that song up in the walkman, take a few monster tokes, then a flying leap off of one of my favorite night time runs at the local ski resort.


I love KISS. My wife has had to deal with my Paul Stanley impersonations for years now. I actually dragged her to a concert the day after my first shoulder surgery. I was pain meded out of my mind but it didn’t stop me from having a blast. Yeah they’re a far cry from musical geniuses but damn they’re a fun band.



holy carp u too!? phew thought I was the only guy that likes some lady gaga songs ahaha


Actually, they are pretty good musicians to be honest. They kept it simple and mindless on purpose. It was designed for fun and nothing else. No deep meanings, no messages, just fun. They were like the anti-Rush. Ironically Rush used to open for them. They demo’d ‘Caress of Steel’ for Paul and Gene who gave them ‘constructive criticism’, they hated it. But they all remained friends.

I taught my son ‘Uh, All Night!’ when he was two. We’d sing it everywhere, “When you work all day you gotta…” and I’d point to him, and he’d go “UH! … UH!, UH! UH!”


I loved Jane’s Addiction. Them and Alice in Chains. I failed to notice the pattern of female band names until just now. But to me they were the best of the time…
I still love their shit.


Fuck… … KISS was one of my first bands I got into as a kid.


Hey what kid doesn’t like four dudes in makeup, tights and costumes! There’s something wrong with the kid that doesn’t.
An anecdote I learned about KISS is that in their first run comic books, each member actually drew a vial of blood and poured it into the red ink used in the comic book printings. So the first run, at least, actually has the original member’s DNA in the red ink used in printing.
I have no idea how much those comic books are worth, if anything, but that was a pretty cool personal touch… Can’t get much closer than blood…


Didn’t think I liked acapella performances. Surprised myself, actually. I’m more of a Dropkick Murphies kind of guy.

Gotta tag @anon71262119 because I wouldn’t be surprised if she did like this.


LOVE :heart_eyes: going to add to play list right now!


Yes! So good haha

In the same spirit (hoping this works)