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Music You Like That Would Surprise Others


That’s incredible! Do you still have them?


Good stuff, yeah Barcelona is fantastic


That’s sweet!


I just tripped up on it. I knew Fleetwood Mac has been there since the '60s. But none of their early music is widely distributed.
Clearly when they got Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham the music changed.
Christine Mcvie’s maiden name was Christine Perfect. She joined the band in 1970. And they treaded water until “Rumors” came out. They exploded after that. But their riches barely covered a massive cocaine habit. I don’t care, the music was amazing.


If you have the masters they are worth their weight in gold. That’s so cool.


No. After he passed away an old friend of his stopped by to check them out and I gave them all to him. Aside from being a friend, he was also a collector/dealer, and I figured he would know best about what to do with them.

I’ve looked back on that one a few times and wondered if I gave away something that may have been somewhat valuable or important. The guy probably wouldn’t have had any interest if they weren’t.


When my daughter was young, we went to a Miley Cyrus concert. It was something short of torture. What little band she had was hidden and felt the need to gyrate her hips constantly. It was terrible and expesive.
I’ve been to many many live shows. She hurts herself by touring. Anybody who appreciates music who goes to a show void of music will find it miserable.
I saw Prince 3 times, he sets a high standard. When you see the incredible, the mediocre becomes obvious.
I have seen many, many concerts. Back when tickets were 20 bucks.
I saw Pink Floyd in Prague for 15 bucks.
Then you see garbage like Miley Cyrus it’s damn near offensive.

If I want to see a chick gyrate constantly, I can go to a strip club, see more for much less. With better looking women. I felt ripped off, I was reading the news on my phone towards the end. She is garbage.

I saw Eric Clapton after that, that was a show. He said “Good evening” blew my mind and after said “Good night”. Part of my jaw is still in the arena. THAT, was a proper concert.


Yeah, you were young. There’s no way you could have known what jewels you had.
Don’t sweat it. What’s done is done.


I don’t. That was a really really difficult time. They had been friends and business partners for a looong time, so it was kind of fitting. I even gave him the machine that they were recorded with.

(kept a sweet pair of Macintosh MC-30 tube amps though. No way those were getting loose.)


Okay, I’ll be honest I liked the Lordi song. The Disturbed song not as much.
It does sound very Scandinavian though.


Oh hell. Good thing, I hope you use them because nothing replaces a properly made tube amp. They have such a rich, authentic sound. Analog rules! Digital is for pussies. Meaning I am a pussy, but I cannot touch a tube amp that isn’t thousands of dollars.


I knew Nicks wasn’t part of the original band and was an addition later on. I guess they partied while they could!

Always liked this one…


Awwww… too bad. I agree with pat. They would be worth a fortune. Not to mention bragging rights of owning such a collection!


And then there is this guy. I can’t even play one guitar that good at a time.


I bet. Ugh. I’m remembering my first concert. Madonna’s Like a Virgin Tour in the Philadelphia Spectrum. I was 15, and my older brother took me and my friend. I’m sure my parents were cringing at the lyrics and little tweens with their Like a Virgin t-shirts. Lol.

I might be persuaded to take my youngest one to see Ed Sheeran, but he plays HUGE venues like the Rose Bowl, and it’s stupid expensive now, as you mentioned. It’s WAY more fun to see a local band in a small venue.

And they look like Orcs! Haha.

Useless fact. Finland has more metal bands per capita than any other country. That song won the Eurovision contest in 2006, which was kinda cool since nobody expects a metal band.

I’m not a heavy metal fan, but growing up in my rural town it was either country, METAL, or classic rock. Nothing else. When I was in Philly, there were a bunch of little high school chicks with Duran Duran t-shirts, and boys into punk bands like Black Flag, or PiL (who I saw later in a small venue). I think that was my first exposure to 80s punk and alternative bands. I will listen a bit to almost anything but Rap.


I saw him two years ago and he was meh. I mean, songs good, he’s talented, etc., but just felt like he was personality-less. It could be he had a personal issue that day, but yea, both me and my wife were bored watching him.


Those Macintosh tube amps are worth their weight in gold, though. Basically, you can think about it like this, a 30 watt tube amp has the power of a 300 watt standard capacitor based amp. And the sound is rich and complex, details are highlighted. Especially low end, accurate and rich.
The tapes would have been nice but you cannot touch those amps without a large investment.
If I had to choose between the reels and the amps, I’d take the amps.
The old reels tend to decinigrate of time.
The Greatful Dead folks are converting their reels to losseless digital as fast as possible. They have thousands of reels to go through.
Good quality reels are converted to analog if possible, but there is a whole ton of history they are trying to preserve.
Point is, even in the best of conditions those reels decinigrate. And the effort to preserve all of it is massive project.
If I had the choice, I’d save the tube amps. They are worth a ton of money.


Here is my new drop. It’s The Doors. 1970 Isle of Wight. The song is ‘The End’.
Yeah, I know you’ve heard it a milion times, but this one is unique. The famous ‘Edipal’ portion does not exist here. The is no ‘fuck you mama’ part. It’s gone here, and hence one of the best versions.

The video presented is intermingled with scenes from Morrison’s short film ‘HWY’ but it works. This is a more mature Doors. You can see how they were starting to evolve musically. And how much more seriously they were taking the music over the spectical. There is no spectical here. The music is the focus.

Please enjoy… it’s worth the listen.


I am short on time but I will listen as soon as i can.


They are nice! As we divvied everything up my one brother kept going at them, and with nothing written, I wasn’t about to turn it into an ongoing resentment/battle, so he got them.

I kept a much prized stylus from his favorite turn table though. Some times its the little things.