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Music You Like That Would Surprise Others


x2 Alan Parsons super-underrated and pops up all over the place

Have this on one of my playlists…


Every time I watch it I have to keep from laughing when I see the Gerbil


I used to sing that in a band. God damn that was fun being up on stage like “I’ve got something to put in you!”


I laugh my ass off everytime I hear the song. It’s so patently absurd and irreverent I cannot help myself. I walk around singing it from time to time. My wife is thrilled when I do…


That’s awesome… ‘At the gay bar, gay bar GAY BAR’…


Yep like that one too. And the white Testarossa never hurts a scene…
If I am not mistaken, I have that on vinyl at my mom’s house… Me and brother were big Alan Parsons Project fans.

If you seen the movie Lady Heart with Matthew Brodrick, Alan Parsons did the whole sound track to the movie…


Yes. It does change the song, but you are right you have to listen to the whole thing to pick up on it.
Sounds like brother hit the jackpot! (Pun intended)


Wow, that’s horrible. Really bad.
If I were him, I’d pull the record and go into hiding from the shame…

Somebody’s bound to say ‘he gets more pussy than you do’. That may be true, but Led Zepplin got a lot of pussy and they didn’t have suck to get it


When you get a chance, give that ‘Big River’ I posted a shot. If nothing else the piano is worth it. Bruce can play…


That shit is awful! That’s a change the station when it comes on song!


I feel we’re kindred spirits, at least in the music department. I was only going to drop one song a day not to overwhelm the thread, but today I am dropping two.


This is a mystery song…

Not really, its Fleetwood Mac, but absolutely nothing you would recognize as Fleetwood Mac. If this song came on the radio, you’d have no idea it was Fleetwood Mac. !973, before they became the real Fleetwood Mac that we know…
The guitar work is pretty good though. It’s just sooo different.


This song actually fits the category, Duran Duran. But I love this song, I don’t care what anybody thinks.

This video was filmed in Shri Lanka. John and Andy Taylor were still in London finishing the final edits on the ‘Rio’ album when the rest of the band had already been there and started filming.
Landing in Shri Lanka in his London winter clothes the two were practically naked by the time they got to the area of filming.
The scenes with the rocks and elephants the three members were hammered drunk during the take. That’s why one of them ends up laying on a rock with his hat over his face. But it made for great cinema.
Never the less, the place is beautiful, just terribly poor.
They ended up doing a lot of charity because of this shoot and how they felt about the people of Shri Lanka.


Ha! Yes I do have this in vinyl. It was one of the last actual records I bought before converting to CD. It’s off the album Gaudi dedicated to surrealist architect Antoni Gaudi. I never got to see La Sagrada Familia (it’s a cathedral of his design, still under construction), but I saw his house and several of his buildings in Northern Spain. Genuis he was…


Don’t look at the rest of his songs then. Shut-up Kenny is an instant classic.


I don’t know if this is a surprising pick, but we heard this on the Olympics and it’s such a cool cover. I like it a lot.

And a nod to Lordi. Not my usual thing, but it makes me smile. I have a fan of all things Finland, who exposed me to Finnish Metal.


Wow! You must have dug deep to find this one!


No worries! I’ll take your word for it.


I like the Sound of Silence cover too, but what is more amazing is that my 75 year old mom likes it! That is definitely is fitting for this thread.


Odd tidbit- My father handled live broadcasts for a local radio station in the early to late '60’s, and we had reel to reel recordings of all of the live acts that came to town like Peter, Paul, and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel, and a ton of others.

He had a crazy collection of unreleased recordings and albums from that era.