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Music You Like That Would Surprise Others


That’s an epic choice. I think you just won this thread.


Yep, that’s a new level of shame lol


you know what - I think i knew this.
No idea why I thought Cash was the original. Maybe because its better?



is it just me or does alot of the songs in disney movies nowadays sound the same?
e.g how far i’ll go from moana and let it go from frozen.


such a fantastic tune!


Yep, told ya. Thanks for listening to it… This is classic stuff, timeless that deserves a dutiful audience.
To anybody curious its a story about a jealous sister and her boyfriend who drowns her older more beautiful sister in a river. A fisherman pulls her body out of a miller pond to dry, and a fiddle maker steals her body and makes a fiddle out of her bones and hair. The fiddle made the most beautiful sound, but it could only play one song, “Oh, the Wind and Rain!”

The lyrical nuance is genius and the placement of the refrain is always appropriate.The depth and complexity of it is probably what drew Jerry to this song. He liked weird stuff, fascinated really. It’s definitely in my top 10 songs of all time and I have a big list…


Well I might as well admit to these

Actually the last song actually has some meaning when I seen it with my kids at the time. Mostly because the little Bear is called Kota and my oldest is named Dakota and we were going through some major shit at the time as a family.


Definitely timeless. It was so intriguing I Googled it. The first version of the song appeared in 1656!

When it got to the part where he took her hair, I was like… Wait! What? Then the bones for pegs (shivers). Had to listen to it a couple of times to get make sure I was hearing it right.

Thanks for sharing. I had never heard it before.


That’s awesome! I am glad you enjoyed it. I have some more interesting music to post. It won’t be Grateful Dead related but nevertheless facinating. Stay tuned.


I have a similar connection with this song, due to family circumstances when the movie came out:

The first time I heard it (in the theater during the movie), it was almost unbearably close to home. Still gets me 4 years later.


NIN IS the original. Cash covered them.


If you know the Alan Parson’s Project, you’re old, they had a string of hits in the '80’s, like ‘Eye in the Sky’.
The rest of you know Alan Parson’s Project but don’t know it. Their music is used all over the place. While they had a few hits they were known for their instrumentals. They were used in a Walmart Christmas commercial this past year.

Alan Parson’s was a technical wizard, he was the producer for Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” and was responsible for the cash register loop in that song, which consisted of a loop tape going around a mic stand.
He invented a lot of instruments, he played a keyboard that ran tape loops at various speeds to create the sounds he wanted and is present in the example below.

This song has a particular piece of wizardry that slides the sequenced sound about a half beat forward. It’s almost undetectable, yet it completely changes the song. It occurs at about 2:01 in the song below. It’s really bizarre because you cannot detect it unless you listen to the entire sequenced bit. If you just try to replay the transition you cannot hear it.

I bring you ‘I Robot’, by Alan Parson’s Project. See if you hear the transition. And do not adjust your volume, the song starts off quiet.


Between my daughter and my niece I have heard this song about 500,000 times. It’s a good song, I just heard it A LOT…


I’m old! I have heard this song but, it’s been many years ago!
I didn’t realize the other stuff about him though.


These two songs on repeat for some reason today. Never been a country guy until I got chickens and moved to a town of 1,600. lmao


Did you here the transition in the sequencer bit? It’s really subtle when it happens but it changes the dynamic of the song. It’s like ‘Wait, what?’ All of the sudden it’s different and you don’t know why.

He’s a pretty amazing dude. Aside from his own band he worked with a bunch of other musicians. He was like Quincy Jones for honkies.
Alan Parsons Project never toured in their hayday. The rigs he made where big messy and delicate. Only recently did technology catch up where he could replicate his act live. My brother saw them in Vegas a couple of years ago, said the show was spot on.
Got to meet him too so he got the autograph.


“Gay bar” by the Electric Six. This song is EPIC!


I love Chicken Fried. Great tune. Zak Brown Band is one of the better things happening musically these days.
I wouldn’t classify them as country, they are more rock-a-billy, or country-rock.

What I hate, really hate is coutry-hip hop, like ‘GA-FL Line’. That shit is horrible. Unlisten-to-able…


Him and some of Stapleton have been frequently listened to.

Yea… this shit drives me crazy.