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Music You Like That Would Surprise Others


Anything Sam Smith, but specifically

For reference, metal is everything to me, but goddamn it if anything by any of the first 4 artists comes on I can’t resist.

Side note: these two women will DEFINITELY save the rap game once they blow up finally.


Good one, I’m a big fan of him as well


Most of Turnpike Troubadours’ stuff




The front screen of that YouTube video looks a bit porno if you scroll past it too fast. I had to do do a double take lol


Alright, revealing my true colors, one Grateful Dead song. June 14, 1991. Bruce Hornsby on keys. Spectacular version of Big River… Listen for the piano solo… WOW!

And yes, they would drag a full sized grand piano on tour…



OH NO! Winger! lol…:grin:


Yeah I know… the metal side of me hangs its head in shame.


One more, Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band. 12/4/87. A still, not a video but one of my favorite songs of all time. “Oh the Wind and Rain”. The musicianship is a given, but what makes this song interesting is the haunting, freaky lyrics. It’s a really creepy song…
He liked these weird old songs of early Americana blue grass. This one is truly weird though… Listen to the lyrics.


Favorite Alice in Chains song… Best band of the '90s ~ Frogs, Acoustic

As a drummer, I still cannot figure out the riffs he’s using. Extremely technical.


It’s actually not a bad song though…


When ever I hear someone say ‘Stop!’ I finish with ‘…collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new edition.’


While we’re on a 90s kick. This one will never get old for me.


Oh man … reminding me of freshman year high school


That’s not a cover. Reznor released Hurt in '94. Cash covered it in 02.


Okay, that is a little freaky.


Since this is flame free and all.