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Music You Like That Would Surprise Others


LOL… Jerry said once that the government should sponsor the group and send them where ever people needed to get high… He made me happy…


I actually have two songs I like that are from Anime.


Might be a good idea …considering the spirit in which I intended this thread.


^^ look @dt79 being forced to listen to U2


Shit, I didn’t expect anyone here to have heard Voices lol. This is awesome.

I don’t watch much anime but I love the music.


Did you mean didnt expect? For the record I like the original untranslated better. I was floored when I saw the actual translation of the original Japanese . The English version has very little to do with the original.



Yeah, typo. Gonna correct it.


Theme from Hana-bi(not anime), one of my favorite movies.

This was the Japanese dude in that AWFUL live action remake of Ghost in the Shell.


Johnny Cash

And this but mainly due to the crazy hot girlfriend I had at the time who loved this song (note: drove me nuts at the time haha)


This song in particular would freak my parents and anyone that knew as a kid the fuck out that I listen to it. Grew up in a very Christian household so all of my music tastes surprise my parents, I don’t mind Amon Amarth or Hollywood Undead playing in front them but I wouldn’t play Kreator or Ghost around them


Yeah, it’s…

“Hardcore G sh*t,
Homie, I don’t play around…”

(Please, no one tell my kids I’m quoting rap lyrics in public. I embarrass them enough as it is.)


Or the only allowable cover


Do we share trophies around here?

(There is no YouTube version and yes, it’s in Finnish)


I can’t believe I forgot this in my first post:

Warren G / Nate Dogg - REGULATE



Love this idea for a thread.

I like a bit of everything, as I’m sure most on here do, but the shit I listen to that raises eyebrows would be:


Kate Bush

Basically, if it’s an 80s pop diva you bet your ass I can get down

But my mostest guiltiestest pleasure, and the only song I listen to that I am actually embarrassed about is this:

Fucking love that song. Learned it on the guitar to seduce girls with it and everything.


A-plus for Drops of Jupiter.


LOL that does surprise me @EyeDentist

Same with me though. I’m a lil white girl living in the safest most crime free place and I can rap every 2pac song from front to back and everything in between . And I do for realz I used to make my mom watch my concerts .
Now i make my son watch, but it’s harder because I try to leave the worst words out and song selection is more limited IE I opt for Dear Mommas and the like VS thug N u thug N me LOL


Saw Ghost this past summer when they opened up for Iron Maiden. Fantastic show. Became a fan of them this year.

Here’s on I like - Tom Waits

Going Out West:

Downtown Train