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Music You Like That Would Surprise Others


Probably the only way to describe it lol.


I like a fair bit of ‘mum music’ & girly pop ballads, like: Take That, Christina Aquilera ‘Stripped’ album etc.


TIL - Man I thought you were older than you are…


Took my mom to see Rod Stewart (and Cyndi Lauper) this past summer. One of the best produced shows I think I’ve seen. Great performer for an old, frail woman - I liked Cyndi’s performance as well…


Honestly depends how I feel for the day. When in doubt Rush. Love those guys. But I tend to drift towards prog


Saw g3 last week. So have been listening to some satriani. Cool cuz Petrucci was there. Got to meet him at a meet in greet a few years back


Google “Rod Steward wives”.

I rest my case!



Some stuff that outwardly annoys most people but I am okay with:

This song still gets high rotation despite my open dislike for the artist

And I guess this would raise an eye brow or two


Comin’ Home is just such a baller song, I can also look past the artist. How does one listen to that and not feel awesome?

that Crash Test Dummies song is another fun entry in the “liking it ironically” category


Another in the outwardly annoys people category:


… well, this has really fucked up my YouTube feed LOL


Pretty sure I haven’t heard this song in over 20 years :smirk:


Man, I hate YouTube’s suggestion algorithm. I go on a binge for a couple hours watching conspiracy theory videos b/c I think they’re interesting … now that’s all they recommend … bunch of crackpots clogging up my recs when all I wanna do is see if Lost In Vegas has a new reaction video or FBE has a Do Kids Know The 80’s … can’t have varied interests anymore …


This x 1000. I have 3 young daughters. I know all the words to the Moana, Frozen, Sing, and Descendants 2 soundtracks. I like them all. A lot.

My girls also like Taylor Swift and Adele. So do I. It’s hard to not like a song when your 1.5 year old sings along to it with a huge smile on her face.

I also like most '80s-early '90s music, especially hair metal. The cheesier the better. It was a fun time for music IMO, and I grew up with it so there’s the nostalgia aspect as well.


Bear in mind the title of the post, along with the fact that I’m a 55 y.o. white guy.



Pretty much anything Latin will get me going.

If any one here uses Spotify - Cafe Con Leche and Latin Party Anthems are pretty fantastic playlists.


EyeDentist posting a song featuring T.I. takes a big lead in the “surprise others” category.


That is pretty good.

Mine would be:

Wish I still had the CD.


Well, you’re right. I’m surprised.