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Music You Like That Would Surprise Others

Soundtrack from Vikings show and other Norse themed war music. Love it during workouts, makes my blood boil

interesting shit man … you ever listen to Amon Amarth?

I haven’t but sounds angry, I like it

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Briefly coming out of retirement to drop some serious goodies for Pink Floyd fans… These are very recently releases of the 1980 Wall tour. Decent quality, full shows, very new… Do not know how long they will be up, I suspect some 40th anniversary Blu-rays on the way I am sure. These are recent discoveries.
Pink Floyd at a musical high point, if not personally hating each other… Worth watching… Enjoy!

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I saw them live at a little venue here in Pittsburgh probably 10+ years ago or so. Very good show. All kinds of happy hippy stuff and lots of fun. I’m surprised to see an Aussie recognize them!

Ive heard they have done some shows in a place called “byron bay” out here in Aus land, its pretty much the stoner capitol of Australia which doesnt surprise me. Im pretty sure that song is in ever 90’s rom-com which is how I knew of it, but im a pretty big fan of folk music so I dont mind there stuff

I just discovered this band - this song is fucking great - The album In Absentia this song is from is hot fire man

I like Placebo!:slight_smile:

Blues music. Namely Keb Mo
Also- Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band

Recently discovered some old school rap groups (5-10 yr old) I never heard of for workout music:

Jedi Mind Tricks
Army of the Pharaohs


Army of the Pharaoh is really dope for working out. I’ll check the others. Have you tried La Coka Nostra?

Me I listen to extreme black/death and since I have a childish face, and is always fancy/preppy dressed people are usually shocked.

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Elton John. I’ve been married 9 years and my wife didn’t know I like a bit of Elton John every now and again.

You haven’t lived until you’ve busted out a set of hard squats to The Beautiful South

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One Mo’ Time, by Plies

There’s just something about this that I really like. I like breakup songs in general (huge theme with me, my mom left when I was a kid, lol) and find this one pretty funny. I came across it when my kids were still young, so I could only work out to it when they were gone.

I know you caught me cheatin and you tired me lyin
I’m a be honest witcha baby I know I crossed the line
You don’t wanna fuck with me no mo then cool, it’s fine
Before you go baby can we fuck one mo time

I’ve been listening to Shigeru Umbayashi’s compositions for movie soundtracks. People who know me know that…:

I fucking hated this movie. HATED IT. That’s the woo woo scientist chick in the latest Godzilla movie.

I hated this movie even more. Even more than Captain Marvel. That’s also the woo scientist chick from Godzilla.

I’m partial to Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and Macklemore. They got me through intervals and tempo runs back when I still considered myself a runner so I’m forever grateful.

I also like Boom Boom Pow by the black eyed peas for some reason. I heard it at summer camp like 10 years ago and it just stuck