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Music You Like That Would Surprise Others


Brilliant song, love the line about never having to see his ex future mother in law


I played that song for my mother in law yesterday and highlighted how real the lyrics were for me.


Must be a reoccurring theme, the partners family are country music nuts and we got talking about our favorite artists one day a little while after me and the partner got back together after a break up
I bought up that song and emphasised how much that song resonates with me
Cue deathstares from both of them :joy:


This is one of my favorite live performances (and how I first heard Tennessee Whiskey):

EDIT: The girl’s face at 6:01 is the purest expression of female attraction I’ve ever seen. It’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever witnessed.


The music that would surprise others that I like is EDM or Electronic Dance Music. I’m in my late 50’s and when I need to fix or repair something, or if I am doing some cleaning or something tedious and boring, I turn on edm.

Favorites are Tiesto, Garrix, Van Buren, Guetta, Garrix, Hardwell … Especially at the most incredible festival made – Tomorrowland. If only I was younger …


Romantical stuff like this


Not Ed Sheeren, the King!
Give’em hell Elvis!


I like that Ed video.



This is on my all time top 10



Excellent movie!



Sometimes I like to listen to unusual and extraordinary music like this. Maybe it is not typical, but it seems really great for me.

Especially great on my new Sennheiser HD.



Damn man … this dude is great




Risque outside of flamefree but it usually gets played within the first hour of a roadtrip