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Music You Like That Would Surprise Others


And in the spirit of the thread, who doesn’t like a bit of Russian Metal with a crazy/hot lead chick??


Loch Lomond, wow. I haven’t listened to him in ages. Thanks for the reminder.


And in the spirit of the thread, who doesn’t like a bit of BabyMetal with three little asian lead chicks??



Ah man their dainty little voices with the hectic beat is messing with my head :joy:


I go through extremely weird phases with music. At one point last semester, I was setting squat PRs to “Amazing Grace” by Judy Collins. Today I listened to “Riot” by Three Days Grace and “Bad At Love” by Halsey on repeat during my workout. Rap (old and new), classic rock, country, pop, EDM, alternative… almost everything except classical and jazz. Not that I have anything against those, I just don’t know any good artists or composers


Well, you done made me do it. I HATE bagpipes, I mean I really hate the sound they make. But you got me to click it. So bravo.
But, the good news is I have heard something that I have never heard before, so at least I got exposure.


The drummer is a badass… What’s getting lost in the novelty of this is these guys\ gals are really good musicians. I’ll take them over Taylor Swift any day…


I’ll raise your Japanese metal with some Japanese bluegrass… If you closed your eye’s and listened to this song you’d never guess they were Japanese…awesome.


There are 3 of them? I thought there was just 1.


You wanna see who millions of Japanese and Japanese wannabe Asian chicks would have dropped their panties for in the 90s?

The dude playing the piano:


I did! Both of them. The a cappella piece is beautiful. I always wish I could sing, even just a little bit. @ The Dropkick Murphy’s. Cool. you’re 50 seconds into bagpipes and then they layer on the ROCK. Thanks.

@Irishman92 - I would lift to the Russian metal band, but the cold war is on again and I don’t want to find myself on an FBI list.


Guilty pleasure from my younger days…


I remember taking the bus to the mall and buying the soundtrack from that movie (on tape!)

Honestly the first time a soundtrack actually stuck out to me from a film.



Got turned on to these guys a few years ago.

I’ve always really liked Metallica, but I never heard anything as profoundly sad and resigned to a fate as in this version.

This is a nice one-


My wife made me listen to this chick recently probably because she got tired of me listening to Judas Priest all day. Now she’s upset that I’m a bigger fan than her.

^Some of the lyrics are hilarious when translated directly into English.

First verse:

Love is like a gust of wind
After it’s done blowing, it leaves

Written by Seth Rogan’s sidekick in The Green Hornet remake.


LOL…yeah I had it on tape also. Fucking loved this from the movie…

Than I came across a cover awhile back ago and it became part of my lifting music…


Sounds like urban legend. Everyone knows they would’ve used the blood of Christian babies if it was actually true.


Except it’s a true story:


Jesus that’s insane!

I was really just looking for an opening for a nice wholesome blood libel joke though.