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Music You Like That Would Surprise Others



Ok? What music you might like that would either surprise others on here or others in real life.


In my lifting playlist there’s a couple of songs anime like the Japanese cartoons where those guys with yellow hair punch each other and stuff


Along with the heavy/metal that mostly fills my Iphone, I’ve got my Disney soundtracks, as well as a few… “guity” songs… (I hope this thread has a flame-free clause built in -lol)

Scatman - Scatman John
Far From Over - Frank Stallone
High on You - Survivor
The Touch - Stan Bush
Dare - Stan Bush
Change - John Waite



Not surprised :stuck_out_tongue:


Ur turn you cheeky bum


True story:

I grew up in the same town as Taylor Swift, and our parents were friendly. We actually went on a beach vacation as a group and shared a house, when I was about 7 and she was about 4.

In a related story, I really liked the first couple of Taylor Swift albums, but I’m not really buying this heel turn act. I get why she’s doing it, but my favorite Taylor will always be “Fearless”-era Taylor.

Besides that…most of what I like is pretty expectable, lol. Mostly Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and lots of country artists. I watched a documentary on the Eagles a little while ago and was amazed to learn that I like a lot more Eagles songs than I’d realized (also, highly recommend “The History of The Eagles” documentary to anyone, it’s incredibly well-done and entertaining stuff).


A few other random one-off songs that come to mind (not that these are my FAVORITE songs, but in the category of random off-the-wall “you like that?!” songs that always bring a smile to my face if I stumble across them):

Toto - Africa

Men At Work - Down Under

Lady Gaga - Edge of Glory

Celine Dion - That’s The Way It Is

Matisyahu - One Day


Elton John. When I was really young my parents would put on his (new) albums and play along on the piano. Any time I hear him it takes me back to that time.

For some reason some guys at work were absolutely astounded that I really like that. I’m not like one of those guys that personifies “metal head” or anything.


Old horror movie soundtracks:

Xavier Cugat:

Music from cartoons:


If it’s not metal it’s classical. Psych


You’re not far off.

Probably the greatest moment in the shred genre:


I like me some “Fearless” -era Taylor big time, long time…

But I also like U2, so my opinion does not count, ever.



Becker is one of the greatest no doubts, but out of the cacophony duo Friedman was my favourite. Boris Tchaikovsky’s War Suite I is some of the most metal ‘classical’ (technically, romantic) music I can think of.


Same here! Though I gotta admit I never liked Cacophony very much.



Day time:

Night time:


Man Becker was an anomaly.

I’m a huge fan of the guitar and the music it produces, from blues, rock, jazz, metal to eastern music. My favorite player is by far Shawn Lane. No ones guitar playing does anything close to what his does to me. His melody is so distinct and his dynamics are fantastic. I love the way he bends down from a note with the whammy bar and obviously, his speed is not only unmatched, but he’s so effortless in it. It’s disgusting really.

The solo at the end, 4:25 onward is jaw dropping


I will not be judged!