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Music--What Do You Listen To?


Anyways, what music do you listen to (if any) while while working out? I can listen to anything, from some Rap to Johnny Cash. Other shit I listen to is some rockabilly/psychobilly, Motorhead and other shit like that, and some punk/oi!

And actually, sometimes I'm not even in the mood to listen to music, it all depends on the day I guess, hehe.


on the outside...Im a hardcore house junkie..thas all I listen to..on the outside...

The Gym on the other hand..some straight gangsta rap. My favorite work out song is...

The Game - Westside Story

...something about that angry piano sound that pushes me for the extra rep....


all time sickest motivator songs:
2pac n bone thugs - thug life
2pac - makavelli returns ft pitbull
2pac - ak47
akon - gangsta
bouty killa - warlord walk
conan theme song
chant of the partisans
guns n roses - welcome to the jungle
jimi hendrix - all along the watchtowers, fire,,, etc
sizzla - soul survivor remix, pump up her pum pum, armed n dangerous,

n in general anythin by: armen van helding, tiesto, paul van dyk, paul oakenfold, infected mushroom, tool, benny benassi, deep dish, biggie , metallica, prodigy, system of a down, yahel.....


For me, hands down the best workout album of all time is Rancid - 2000.

Also, even if you don't like most rock, check out any Thin Lizzy. You might not have heard the band name, but you definetly know some of their somgs. 'The boys are back in town' is thin lizzy. Such a pump up band!





I forgot to mention that I like listening to the older, punkier Offspring, and anything by System of a Down (just 2 examples).




last workout was t-rex and hankIII.


When I work out it's always Angra. It's just damn good power metal. Otherwise I'll listen to a variety of rock/metal, jazz, classical, etc.


Excellent choice, they are in my playlist somewhere also.


Damn near everything except rap and country. I'm a big Rush, Dream Theater, and Type O Negative fan, but I'm not kidding that I listen to just about everything. I have every Enya CD except the latest one, and yes, I do actually enjoy listening to them.


Velvet revolver of course


I find it funny that every three weeks a new thead like this pops up.


killswitch engage
fear factory
korn's old stuff
rage against the machine
coal chamber
rollins band


For me it's straight up death metal:

Children of bodom




Dying fetus


In flames