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Music To Lift To


I know this topic gets posted often, but considering the rise in new names on these boards in conjunction with the constant development of new music, it kinda never gets old...

So, what songs do you think help cultivate the optimal lifting session? I just got my iPod and will be establishing a few lifting playlists...

Kicking off my list will certainly be More Human Than Human (White Zombie) and Wutang Clan Ain't Nothin' To Fuck With (WU)...love those tracks.....


I keep saying I'm going to listen to new things in the gym, but my iPod is stuck on. . .

Thrice (huge fan!)
Motley Crue
Godsmack (the first album)

Add to that the occasional atmosphere (yeah that's where the name's from) and Talib Kweli.


Call me old fashioned, but really nothing beats some Slayer to get me in the mood for lifting heavy things.


rage against the machine (early stuff)


My two favorites:
-Killswitch Engage(Alive or Just Breathing)
-As I Lay Dying(Frail Words Collapse)

Other bands I have on tape:
-Born From Pain
-Children of Bodom
-Fear Factory

Other ones I like but either haven't bought, or put on tape:

-Lamb of God
-Martyr AD

btw, can anyone recommend a good Children of Bodom cd, I have Hatebreeder, but I am kind of dissapointed with it.


Cro-Mags, Muse, Bad Brains, Nine Inch Nails (Broken/Fixed era), Breakdown, Killing Time/Raw Deal, Negative Approach..Also Kool Mo Dee, Necro, Gore Tex, The Beatnuts, three six mafia, project pat..any of these get my blood boiling!!


I'll go with songs that get me amped:

White Zombie - Electric Head Part I
Metallica - Seek and Destroy, Am I Evil?
Godsmack - EVERYTHING!
Rage Against the Machine - Know Your Enemy
AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill

I'm sure there's more, but that's what I listed to at meets usually.

Stay strong


I always respond to this kind of thread with the same answer.

Slayer... Angel of Death. Listen to that song and you will be ready to march through a brick wall grab the olympic bar loaded to four hundred plus pounds and deadlift till you drop!


Children of Bodom last one was Hatecrew Deathroll, not bad.

Slayer, the best shit listen to while lifting.





I can't believe no one mentioned White Zombie's La Sexorcisto, easily their better work.

Velvet Revolver
Life of Agony's River Runs Red
and my all time favorite lifting music is...
Black Label Society's Stronger than Death


All you guys sound like screamo crazy asses. Not me, man. Maybe it's because I'm younger. Off the top of my head, Story of the Year's Until the Day I Die makes me feel like rippin heads off, and for some reason, every song on Puddle of Mudd's Life on Display gets me amped. I always get PR's listening to them. Incubus' Pardon Me...Evanessence's Bring Me to Life...and Taking Back Sunday's entire Where You Want To Be album.


Maybe it's because I'm younger.

That playlist you have there is'nt exactly the Anthem of todays HARDCORE youth But rather that of the tame And laid back .


i'll tell you guys right now go download everything you can from SOILWORK.... oh my f'n gosh


Stuff I put on my playlist.. this sh*t makes my cardio peak like none other.

Dope- Burn
Dope- Die Motherf*#&*er Die
Devildriver- Meet The Wretched
Fear Factory
Lamb of God- 11th Hour
Marilyn Manson- The Fight Song
Mudvayne- Dig
Mushroomhead- Before I Die
Pantera- Walk
Rob Zombie/ White Zombie
Static-x (Wisconsin Death Trip is the most hardcore album)
System of a Down
V-Shape Mind- Monsters


No-one in for some serious techno/house during lifting?


Fuck guys, right before your first set,

Theme song to Rocky.



a lotta rock here ^_^

Eminem (older stuff only where he was talking about how much he hated life and serial killing people and shit)

Um... basically violent (VERY violent) hip hop.

I intersplice it with bits of rock but pretty tame shit like fall out boy or green day. The new system of a down album is AWESOME. I don't have the new mudvayne yet but I heard it's great for lifting so yea.

The heavier I lift the angrier my music is actually.

Oh and also I like to listen to "Chicago" and the "bee gees" when I do O-lifts. lol

No idea just works.


dl'd that song... Angel of Death

I might drive back to the gym tonight lol


Can people not think for themselves...listen to what you want and what gets you pumped for your workouts. If you need someone to pick your music you might as well ask them how much weight you should lift...better yet get them to hold it for you while you fix your hair.