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Music to Lift By

Choad, my man, you have just proven that T-men think alike! Way to get this thread pumpin’…I was all about doing the same, as I’m working on mixin’ up a new disc for training. You hit on a few of my faves with Disturbed and Linkin Park and Slipknot’s straight too. You might want to check out Spineshank (New Disease), Orgy can get me pretty jacked, anything DMX just gets me stoked, Rage Against the Machine is all about T and aggression (see Renegades of Funk), Papa Roach and the Bizkit always find a track on my CDs. I like to throw in some gansta rhymes too, some Mystikal, Ja Rule, Juvenile. I’m looking forward to getting a few ideas to add to the next playlist…

The music that gets me going is Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” album. You get “Battery” or “Master of Puppets” pounding and you are truly set to go. Come to think of it, any Metallica album from the Black album and prior to it (And Justice for all, Ride the Lightning, and Kill em All)will do the trick for me.

ENYA ALL THE WAY!!! Just kidding

One word…MetallicA…enough said…if thats not available…some good hardcore techno can pump you up, but no rap, i hate going to my college gym and they have the damn rap station on.

check out (hed)P.E. or POD southtown is a good song man. also get the snot tribute strait up. man it rocks its got corey taylor jonathan davis and many more. also you should check out soulfly! get on napster and get jumpdafuckup with soulfly and corey taylor

Now this is a topic I truly believe in. I can feel like crap and start crankin out some “inspirational” music and I’ll have a kick-ass workout. My list would include first and foremost ANYTHING by Metallica, followed by Godsmack those two really get the “T” flowing. Then I would go with Guns N’ Roses and Rob/White Zombie then a few select tracks such as Korn “Falling Away From Me”, Nickelback “Old Enough” or “Leader of Men”, Danzig “Mother”, Kid Rock “American Badass”, Powerman 5000 “When Worlds Collied”, Disturbed “Stupify”, Saliva “Your Disease” and I’m really digging Guano Apes song “Open Your Eyes” this in my opinion is an awesome workout song, the lyrics really speak to me about “overcoming” I highly recommend it. Plus many many more…Rock On!

Hey Choad, you must have missed the thread I started on this very same subject a couple months back–it was a great one. I usually listen to mix tapes, but album-wise I will put my faves up here again: Rage Against the Machine (first one is best but any will work), Metallica-Kill Em All (honorable mention to Master of Puppets), Kittie-Spit, Deftones-Around the Fur & White Pony, and the all-time heaviest album, Slayer-Reign in Blood.

Try some Drum n Bass (the heavy type) - some good choices are Matrix and Ed-Rush. Other albums i like are Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’, anything Tool or Nine Inch Nails ‘Fragile’.

Anyone else love Iron Maiden?

Anything by Metallica (but mainly the Black album), Guns N’Roses, Van Halen (primarily DLR era), selected tracks by Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Dj Bass Generator

I guess I’m weird, but I don’t like loud music when I’m lifting. The music causes me to concentrate more on the music and distracts from the workout. When I’m not lifting, I listen to Limp Bizkit, Soundgarden or Primus, but when I’m lifting, I like calming music that helps me to concentrate. Don’t laugh too hard, but I listen to Etta James, Marvin Gaye, Natalie Merchant or “Scenes” by Marty Friedman. Quiet music helps me to go into my “inner sanctum” and concentrate on the lifting.

I like The Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, Biohazard, Leeway, Megadeath, Powerman 5000, White Zombie, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Ice-T and yes Iron Maiden Rocks!

Paul B. Iron Maiden kicks ass! “Prisoner”, “Number of the Beast”, “Invader”, “The Trooper”, all great songs to work out to. One song I really do well when I work out to is “Ressurection” by Rob Halford. That song gets me so angry and pumped I can do a couple more chins than I normally do. Try giving it a shot if you haven’t heard it yet.

I don’t really listen to music while training but I like Bizkit and my close friends all know I love PAC. The guy actually said something in his music and dealt with issues as well as emotions. Not just how he has everything platinum and how many cars he had.

I’m not really into the so-called “nu rock” or heavy metal cliches. I like a lot of industrial (Skinny Puppy, Celldweller, Argyle Park, Circle of Dust, Frontline Assembly) and classic alternative (Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus) with some modern punkish rock thrown in (Rage, Coal Chamber, Rammstein).

When I’m cranking it out at my home gym I have a nice digital music system feeding the weight & aerobic rooms. Hard Rock & Metal (Foreigner/AC/DC,etc) for me, funky (Gap Band/etc) for my wife.

The kids in the bizkit…to quote a sticker i bought, Limp bizkit is better than everyone!!! I love Limp obviously. Hook me up w some rage(clear tha lane off Live and rare, whoo)Distrurbed has recently become one of my top choices, damn are they Good. how can u not get pumped listening to Godsmack. DMX thats good stuff…along with my deep love of house of pain the (second and third albums especially for lifting, everlast’s voice is pretty damn angry) I have Linkin Park , they are good, just don’t think about their lyrics when ur lifting 90% of the songs are missin me relationship songs but they are good. Some Beasties, like sabotage, Definitely some metalica, for whom the bell tolls. Kid Rock, little bit of Korn. Sometimes like Timbo said i’ll go a little gangsta…but its all good…i can go on forever, hell i might be back later with some more goodies

Mettalica, Iron Maiden, Ozzie, AC/DC, Megadeath, Rob Zombie and anything that kicks ass!

Well since the good music has really all been listed: Slayer, Metallica, Gn’R, Soulfly, Deftones, I must air my beef with bands like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park…well, they suck. Nothing original, too much hardcore posing…Kid Rock falls into this category too. Just cause its loud don’t mean its good. Weeper on the Shore by Amorphis is a good one, esp. for all ya’ll with Napster. Peace.