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Music To Have Sex To


So these are some of my go to songs to have sex to

Bush - The Chemicals Between Us
Crosses - This Is A Trick
Puscifer - Rev 22:20
Incubus - Stellar
NIN - Only

I was hoping to get some new suggestions. Maybe something along these lines... (videos are awesome btw)


... but anything goes, except for cheap jazz. So, what do you guys like to listen to when you have sex?


My wife. BTW videos are NSFW.



Anything from The Downward Spiral or The Fragile from NIN.

Led Zeppelin IV, side two. And Kashmir.



If you like Bush go with Inflatable. Never listened to it for sex but seems like it would fit.







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The only music I need are my balls slappin' and the titties clappin'





Skip to the 4:35 mark to hear the best part. This is James Brown live at the Apollo Theater in 1971 and is a song and album that should be in EVERYBODY'S collection. The Godfather at his peak and in rare form.



I've said it before and I'll say it again.



I suppose I asked for that.


Ha! Enigma!

The old pool hall where I grew up had one of the tracks on the jukebox mislabeled, you put it on thinking you were getting Led Zeppelin, but you really got Enigma.

God Enigma are terrible


Always found background noise detracted from the experience. Just wanna hear dem moans or screams or cries for help or whatever. You know.