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Music That Gets You Pumped


List 5 songs that gets you pumped

i love listening to metal, it gets me in a awesome mood for things like workouts.

1.) Six Pounder - Children of bodom
this song is so awesome. It gets me pumped :slight_smile:

2.) Needled 24/7 - Children of Bodom
again, another awesome song by Bodom

3.) Trashed lost and Strungout - COB
Once atgain, bodom

4.) Sober - Tool
great song, great song

5.) Time - Pink Floyd
Gets me pumped in a positive way :slight_smile:

I made this topic because i'm bored, and want to know what people listen to before workouts etc.


There's several threads dedicated to this topic or topics like it but I'll run with it anyways

Perfect Circle
Rob Zombie
alot of 80s hair metal...just to name a few


Two words:

Killswitch Engage


dope by debonaire best tune ever for weight room pump up

fight music by d12


lincoln park and jz
limp bizkit
rise against
hot water music


Hmm...I like Linkin Park without Young Jove, or Hove.


You know what song gets me going is Mudvayne The End of All Things to Come. Give it a listen fellas.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, Pantera's "Vulgar Display of Power" gives me a bulletproof mind pump. So much it's scary. It literally makes my veins rise to the surface and I break a sweat.


1- Rage Against The Machine ///////
3- RaGe AgAiNsT tHe MaChInE @ 7 @
4- rage against the machine ~~
5- Rage AGainst thE machine ----\/----
/ /\ /\



Old school - Ministry - Psalm 69


Anything by Linkin Park, KORN "right now" is a great song, Rage "killing in the name of" and Prodigy "breathe" and "diesel power".


"some of those that work FORCES, are the same that burn CROSSEiiiiiiiS UHHHH!!! "


Triple corpse hammerblow-Bodom
Raining Blood- Slayer
Imortally insane- Pantera
For whom the bell tolls- Metallica
Happy- Mudvayne
schism - Tool

I agree with you about Time by floyd. That song is intense.


everyday sunshine -fishbone
wu-tang clan ain't nuthin'ta fuck wit
you can get it - jimmy cliff
disconnect - rollins
crosstown traffic - jimi

time ?
that tune's for stingin' the b.


Soundmurderer - Limb by limb
Jahba- Bush is a pussycloth
0=0 - In your eyes
System of a down - Prison song
Drowning pool - Sinner


Five songs that get me pumped:

1) Piranha - Exodus (Bonded By Blood)
2) Pantera - Domination (Cowboys From Hell)
3) Stronger Than Hate - Sepultura (Beneath The Remains)
4) Phantom Of The Opera - Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden)
5) Nuclear Assault - Vengance (Game Over/The Plague)


My newest tune that gets me pumped is "Don't Tread" by NE Revolution and USMNT MF Clint "Deuce" Dempsey.


The top play on my ipod

Ludacris - number 1 spot
Mike Jones - back then
Nine Inch Nails - THe hand that feeds
linkin park- breaking the habit
DJ Tom X- Nightmare
Dj Slide out - Dont stop me now
Firefreakz - how you like that
Nelly - flap you wings
Chemical Brothers- get yourself high
Crystal Method-born to slow

More than 5 but you get the point.....


Who Shot Ya - Notorious BIG
99 Problems - Jay Z
This Is The New Shit - Marily Manson
Rock Is Dead - Marilyn Manson
Debonaire - Dope


Agreed - mandatory lifting music!

Also, check out the new In Flames. I can't stop listening to it. I just saw them in Philly w/Trivium - awesome show!



pantera have never written a bad song. one of the best metal bands ever.

im currently listening to the new children of bodom album 'are you dead yet?' which gives me kind of the same effect