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Music Suggestions

Hello :wave:
Its seems that my motivation songs can’t keep it up with my tastes anymore soo if you’re willing just to mention some new tracks for me to refresh that playlist?!
Mostly rap, or martial industrial,even metal and some hip hop that’s what I prefer the most.
Thanks in advance have safe workouts!!!

Big Beast, Killer Mike (NSFW)

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Now that’s the spirit !!!

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There’s a playlist called Powerlifting! in Spotify that is amazing :100:

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Check out my training log. Post a new song every workout, plenty of different genres too.

Nothing but cookie monster I assume.

This scene immediately came to mind when I pictured you listening to that song:


Ha! That’s pretty much spot-on. I sometimes wonder how distressed Killer Mike would be to learn that a mid-50’s white suburbia guy is touting his music. I suspect I’m not helping him in the street-cred dept.

Some metal suggestions:

A little harder:

And an oldie:


maybe not on the surface, but your money sure as hell makes up for it lol (assuming you acquire his music via legal currency exchange)

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Must listen to this if you want some mythical gainz, make sure to stand up for the natty anthem and have some respect for a few seconds when it starts playing



Don’t worry about the clowns in green, watch The Roots smash this beastie boys medley (have downloaded and edited this for music)


Yes! More Cookie Monster metal is what we need!

Not a big fan of death growls/cookie monster vocals - one band I like how they implement it is Opeth - first album of theirs I listened to was Ghost Reveries and it was a great experience. That’s an absolute beast of an album and that band is so damn talented - not sure if you have ever listened to them - I know Testy has but I’ve been listening to more of their stuff. Very diverse offering - some death metal, some, well, prog rock/metal (newer stuff).

I actually really like their Deliverance album and Watershed is damn good too (both are more metal/prog metal than rock/“other”).

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Where do I find that?

Thanks I’ll check it out!

Yaaaaaaaaas that’s what I was looking for