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Music Recomendations


Ok I have roughly 200 bands on my ipod, but like with everything else, more is better. I have just about everything I want in the way of classic rock, and a vast selection of metal bands. I'll post a few of my favorites and see if I can get any responces

Heaven shall burn
at the gates
arch enemy
god forbid
cannibal corpse
Iron maiden
Dimmu borgir
old man's child
...the list goes on for far too long.

Any recomendations?


Check out Becoming the Archetype. Their song Into Oblivion kicks some serious ass. Also check out Fear Factory.


already have bta. I'll check out fear factory.


My top 3:

Amon Amarth

Although I'm sure you've heard them, given your list.


I have them all but opeth. I'll look them up too, heard of them but never listened to them.

to the posters, thanks for all suggestions.


stumbled upon Hurt Vol.I and Vol.II...been hooked since.


Right now I am really enjoying Hopesfall's Frailty of Words album. I really don't like any of their new stuff, too emo for me, but this album is all hardcore and damn good. Download some songs from it, especially "Shines Through", "From Your Hands" and "The Broken Heart of a Traitor." All the songs rock, but those are my 3 favs.