Music Question (Off Topic)

Hey Jim,

You peaked my interest in doom, sludge, black metal and I’m kind of interested in why you love it and how it speaks to you? Also it doesn’t seem to bring you “down” all the time… Do you also listen to other stuff that kind of brings you back “up”?

Stupid questions I know, but I’m genuinely interested in this as I’ve never listened to it before reading your material.

Interested in this too

Metal always puts me in a good mood. IDK why a lot of people say it brings them down. It’s just a personal preference kinda thing.

It all started with a trip to Milwaukee when I was in 3rd grade- my family took me to a baseball game and I rode along with my cousins, Mark and Scott. Scott brought a boom box with him and he brought “Some Enchanted Evening” from B.O.C. I heard the song Godzilla and knew right away that THIS was what I wanted. LIke many people who are heavily involved with music or training or whatever - you just knew at a young age. By the time I was in 5-8th grade, I had a paper route and had Slayer’s Haunting the Chapel, Venom’s Welcome to Hell and At War with Satan and Celtic Frost’s Morbid Tales were in heavy rotation. Two of my best friends had older brothers who helped keep the flow of tapes filled with random goodies. And I lived within BMX riding distance to two of the best “underground” music stores - decorated with punk/crust/metal posters/shirts/flyers, etc. I spent hours in each one, with no money, just checking out each LP and wishing I had any money at all.

But it was Frost’s Procreation of the Wicked and Dethroned Emperor that showed me the way - thats what I wanted to hear. But understand it was all about speed in the 80/90’s. All I wanted was a band that played slow-as-fuck! On Dec. 23, 1993, I bought EHG’s Take as Needed for Pain and it changed my life like Morbid Tales did. How about that? I get the “bible” of sludge my first attempt!

Anyway, I spent any hour I wasn’t training or at school with music - trying to find/talking to people and doing what I can to spread the word. Now that I have a larger voice, I am trying to do what others’ did for me and show me truly good music and supporting the scene that has given so much of itself to me.

So you asking me how this music can bring me down - it is part of my life. It is the one of my obsessions. Everytime I hear Morrow scream “Obese male! Feeding begins!” (and sludge fanatics know exactly what I’m talking about), it brings a huge smile to my face. This isn’t just something I like to do in my spare time. When I go at something, I do it 10000%. So that is the story, leaving out huge things, of my music obsession. Since I’ve been a kid I wanted to run over people on the football field, lift heavy weights and play crushing, slo-mo riffs. Maybe I should have pursued another profession or music to love - but it would have been fake.

Thank you for asking this question and not asking a question that is answered in the book 15 times. I appreciate the respect.

For me, it’s all about the groove.

I was first turned onto this kind of music through a friend. Around the turn of the century I was lamenting how much modern music sucked and a friend recommended I check out a couple of bands, Electric Wizard and Crowbar. They blew my fucking mind.

Like I said… for me it’s all about the groove. As the tempo is sped up a band’s rhythm section is robbed of their ability to create dynamics. As the tempo is brought back down the amount of space between notes increases. This space can be utilized to articulate notes and add subtle nuance, which the best bands use to create a depth of sound and driving groove that can’t be produced at blistering speeds.

I found Jim and 5/3/1 because of music…I also got into metal and hardcore at a young age because of an older brother who passed down his knowledge. Over time my taste grew to love doom, power violence, blackend sludge. I’m now 38, married with with 2 kids and still love it. Started lifting in high school for football and continued as an adult but never had a real program.

While reading reviews for bands on itunes I kept noticing people mention Wendler, or saying “Jim Wendler recommened this”. Googled him, found 5/3/1, and have been using the program for about a year now and have been gaining strength and smashing pr’s for the first time since my mid twenties. Thanks Jim!

That’s a pretty cool twist of fate.

I have lurked in the shadows for a while, but this has brought me into the light (of evil!!). An old doom band called HPLovecraft pulled me into this world of grinding riffs and straightened hair. Now I play flute through fx pedals and enjoy every minute.
Cheers Jim for a program that’s clear and works…thanks mate

Thanks Jim and everyone!

I’m looking forward to your NOV book. I like your outlook on life.