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Music Of The Past


I'm curious of what guys in their 20's think about the bands from 20 and 30 years ago.

Bands like, The Grass Roots, Three Dog Night, The Spinners, Santana, Journey, Styx, Kansas, Chicago, The Eagles, Boston, The Cars, Billy Joel, Elton John, Bruce Springstein and many others.

I'm not picking on the music of today. I understand that each generation has it's own sound. But, probably because of my age, I just love listening to the many great groups from decades past. I try to match the music of today with those groups and artists and they always fall short.

I know, I know I'm old. :slight_smile:

What's your read on these groups from the past Mr. 20 something.

Be kind.....but be honest.



The only guys I've heard from that list are The Eagles (Hotel California) and Billy Joel(love all his songs, my buddies like his music too).


These bands still rock in my book. I have many of them on CD.


I'm 18, and I like those bands/musicians listed... plus Simon and Garfunkel, phil collins, james taylor, the who, ACDC, Pearl Jam, Red hot chili peppers (their old stuff, too), van fuckin morrison, Bob dylan, The police, Led zepplin, eric clapton/cream, Rolling stones, the beatles (went to a paul mccartney concert at MSG last year, amazing), U2, and probably a bunch more I'm forgetting.

I do like my fair share of more recent music though.

For all you in the New york/New jersey area, Q104.3 is the shit.


I'm 28. Honestly, I don't much care for many of the bands you mentioned. I think overall, the music of the 70's and 80's stinks. Sure, there were and are some good bands from that era, but as a whole. I feel the same way with most of todays music as well.

For the record, it is not that I hate older music. I love the oldies, Motown, DoWop, blues and old country. The 50s and 60's were the golden age of music.


Mark Simone on WABC radio puts on a great oldies show saturday nights from 6-10pm. If you don't get it on the AM, you can stream it from their website. I highly recommend it.


All of those guys are gay.

However, the Stones, Lead Zep, the Who and bands like that rock ass. One of my favourite CDs is one of the "Tour of Duty" albums.


You insult the Boss again, and I might have to make a special trip to Austrailia to show you what Jersey's about :wink:

Zeb, I dig all those bands, any and all classic rock.

Allman Brothers, Skynyrd, the Doors, Zeppelin, AC/DC (only with Bon Scott, of course)...they don't make bands like that anymore...

Although, one excellent rock band you may have never heard of is Buckcherry. They are straight up rock and roll, and are always a step away from being completely famous.


Sorta like you. I`m currently digging back beyond the 80s and find the Funky / Earth, Wind, and Fire / Jackson 5 / some family bands very fascinating. The era before eletronica had major Groove.


im 19 and just started getting into some older music. I think my two favorite bands as of now is Motley Crue and Van Halen, with the 80's Metallica in a close 3rd.


Here are a few of my favorites not on your list: ELO, CCR, CSN, Supertramp, Heart, Pat Benetar, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Foreigner, Tom Petty, and the list goes on and on. Got hooked at a young age when I discovered my mom's vinyl.

"Classic Rock" is alive and well.


well, stuff like hendrix , stones, beatles, zepplin being a given...

stuff like the cars, styx, journey, kansas is so bad i just can't even believe it's for real...alright "carry on my wayward son" kinda rocks but "dust in the wind " ? good god...

i've always thought billy joel was an asshole...i don't know why though...i do know his tune "piano man" makes me ill....even more than "we didn't start the fire"...i kinda like some of the older elton john stuff like "benny and the jets" and "goodbye yellow brick road"...

santana on the other hand frickn rocks new and old, but especially some of the 70's live recordings... same goes for springsteen and damn that wind at fenway is rippin'... one band i'm really diggin ' from the 70's is T-REX, now that shit is happenin'.

i also like bob seger for which i take alot of shit but fuck y'all: I LIKE BOB SEGER.


..oh yeah i also really like the kinks especially that record "muswell hillbillies" . that record is genius.


I have never understood people's love of "The Boss". It's just one of those things that has never clicked. Apart from "Born in East LA", I couldn't tell you one song of his.


I have never liked Springsteen. Or Dillon.


Buckcherry are really good. Good workout music. "lit up" and "ridin" are awesome songs. they have a new song on the radio but i cannot remember the name. it really rocks though.

i like most of the bands on that list; I have a lot of albums by those bands.
i would also add zepplin, Rush, Def Leppard, and van halen to that list. i like classic rock more for the guitar solos and musicianship rather than the lyrics. i think modern rock is seriously lacking in the soloing department.


The Grass Roots: Heard of them, but don't know any of their songs

Three Dog Night: Same as above

The Spinners: Never heard of

Santana: Isn't he still playing the guitar in other recent songs? If it's the same guy, I like his guitar playing, but never heard him sing

Journey: Absolutley love their songs

Styx: Heard of, don't know songs

Kansas: same as above

Chicago: realy like a lot of their songs

The Eagles: Realy like a lot of their songs

Boston: Like a lot of their songs

The Cars: Only remember 2-3 songs by them, but like the ones I remember

Billy Joel: Like a lot of them

Elton John: Really like a lot of his songs

Bruce Springstein: Really like a lot of his songs too.

I also like ZZ Top, Meatloaf (older and more recent), tons of the 80's 1 hit wonders, and probably a lot more that I don't know the name of.

I'm 27 years old. I also liked a lot of the TV shows that were on Nick @ Night, like Dragnet, Car 54, Mr. Ed, I Love Lucy, and a bunch more that I can't remember.


Was Dylan misspelled on purpose?


Oh yea, I forgot about 'The Who'. :wink:


Classic Rock is alive and well!

I do consider myself a CLassic Rock afficionado.


Not intentionally - but I don't even care enough about him to see if I spelled his name correctly.