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Music From Where?


yes I know it has been talked about which type is best this is a question about where you get it from.

CD's that you burn to your computer?
Downloads from kazza, livewire etc?
Transfers between friends?

Looking to increase my music collection. While I was doing it I wondered what you all did or had done in the past?


I buy CD's and then put them onto a Mini Disc Player. I that all sounds pretty ancient but it works for me and I havent got around to buying an MP3 player yet. I spend a lot to time with guys that download all their music from the net (illegally). That works fine for them, but not for me, if I like the music and am going to listen to it, I like to pay for it.


When I bought my MP3 player, I spent a couple of weekends ripping all my CDs to the hard drive of my laptop. Then I synched my MP3 player to my hard drive. When I buy new music, I only buy CD's from a good locally owned used music store. When I get the CDs home, I rip them to the hard drive of my laptop, then I re-synch my MP3 player. The orignal CDs live in a closet. When I need a CD for the car, I burn a copy. At some point I may sell my original collection back to my local used music store.


That isn't too bad Loose. I planned on hitting up the used music store here in a few weeks.


I used to use Kazaa, but now use Aries.

The only problem with getting music online is that you should listen to the whole file to make sure it's complete and doesn't have other crap in it.

I had one song playing loud in my truck when all of a sudden there was a loud, high pitched scratching noise in the song.


I had this exact question. What music player should I download? I'm tired of shyt programs like kazaa and imesh. I want a program that is solid and doesn't give viruses every 2 seconds. I even would think of dishing out some cash if it was a smooth operating program, and yes I am too cheap to go to the store and buy cd's for $10-$15.


I ripped all of my 750+ CD's to my computer. From there I transfer to my MP3 player or burn discs for my truck as needed. I also have a wireless media server connected to my stereo to access all the WMA/MP3 on my computer.

A good/cheap source for downloads is


They have a lot of obscure stuff and it cost $20 for 90 downloads.