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Music for Piano


As of lately (last year or so) I have been trying to really crank up my piano playing. I've been really focused on more modern music, but now I want to work on classical stuff. Any suggestions for classical songs for a semi-beginner to learn to play?


moonlight sonata, concerto in D, fur elise .. so many dude.


I've already learned the moonlight sonata and the fur elise, and now I'm looking to branch out to some more stuff. Something similar to that though


K545 Sonata

Minute Waltz

Any one of the Nocturnes

Can you siight read?

What song grade were you thinking


Dmitri Kabalevsky.
You can find wonderful sonatinas and such in sheet music. Many were written for children and are quite fresh.


Piano is awesome, the only two songs i Know to play is Fur Elise and Clocks by coldplay. I love jammin on it when I'm bored. Don't mean to hijack but you guys should check out David Sides on youtube. Remix's modern hits hiphop/rap/rock by ear and plays it on the piano.


Tiny Dancer = Greatest song ever written.


I can't quite read it fluently, but I've been working on that a lot more the last couple of months.
I would probably say in the mid to low medium difficulty range