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Music for Enjoying Mind Altering Substances


Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict


no one here does drugs you scumbag




Shpongle. This is music created for enjoying mushrooms on (seriously - this is the reason this band exists)


Miles Davis, Bitches Brew. Side 1. /thread



Anything by Steve Roach.


Mushrooms are a hell of a drug...


Just putting it out there, but the genre of trance isn't called trance for no reason.
Not that I really enjoy listening to it.


A lil something for every mood.


don't forget acid house :slight_smile:

works real good for Oly Lifting IMHO


you should to help your bitchy mood


I was being ironic...


Pimpbot wins, EASILY!!!

Shpongle is the single best drug band ever, especially this song imo, such a seriously epic build-up. I remember one time people were taking shrooms (not me, of course) and as they started to ease into the trip the music for Shpongle's CD synced up with the scenes and what was going on in FFVII: Advent Children. That was a pretty mystical experience.

More music made for drugs:

And more:

And more:

Have fun, and get loose!


Shpongle is pretty trippy stuff whether you're tripping or dead sober.


First time I ever did acid I listened to this album while lying on the floor with these HUGE speakers blasting it straight into my ears. When this song came on and hit the 3:34 mark I flipped. The Fuck. Out. I'd heard this album before about a million times, but I'd never noticed the woman in the background whispering "if you can hear this, you're dying". I don't think that's what she actually says, but it sounds just like she does.


If you can handle this shit with 1/8 of mushrooms sitting in your belly then you can handle anything.


Im not into trippy stuff

I like horror music