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Music Editing Help


I have spoken with a local club and they are willing to let me host an Industrial/Goth night when they are off schedule. So this is pretty much our first step in opening Darkside (remember,Vampiric Appeal?) yea, well we have a wednesday audition coming up in a few weeks and while we have experienced dj's on hand I'd like to have some basic knowledge of mixing. I could just ask my crew, but ya know. I like to do things sneakily lol

I have made a track called Violent Seduction and put it on a myspace music page

here's the link


I really like the mix and the way it sounds except for the muffled quality of the song...anyone know how to clean this up?

Night's Knight


You're always good for entertainment.


Hey I would def dance to that track, it's pretty good. As for the quality, sorry but my skills end at listening.


hope you mean that in a good way


you can't dance lol

thanks for the props ! I'll be putting another song up soon and tweaking the one that is already on there

hopefully I can get the quality up because that song is sick when I play iy back on the program I made it on



So it's basically the export settings that you can't get right, if you say it sounds good on the program?

Export it as a 44100HZ 16bit WAV file, or an 320KBPS MP3 and you should be good to go.


You made it right?

Then don't you have the track in better quality?


Oh is it one of those "no dancing just look at the ground" clubs? Or are you insulting my white girl dancing abilities? Because I can look at the ground like nobody's business!


Definitely going to give that a shot.


White girls can bang.

Well, SOME white girls.


I know you got skills there's no doubt about that but I dont think you fully understand how to "look at the ground" lol

let me show you how to move

  1. stand with your head down
  2. Raise one arm and make a fist
  3. Pump Fist
  4. Bounce on toes

when you master this let me know then I'll teach you the Gothic 2 Step


Spooky looks like she can get loose


Check out the new mashup!

Called "Still Indestructable"

I figured out how to up the sound quality so it sounds good. I'm not done adding effects and loops and all that but this is the basic template I'm using. And to the Violent Seduction song, I'm edoing it, should be up by friday

kinda need feedback on this one


Ok I took notes on that and I will practice all day and all night. Should I paint on tear drop eyeliner too? And I will def check out your new track when I get a chance.


..MySpace's compression is something awfull, and there's not a lot you can do about it. What editor [Cubase/Reaper/Ableton etc..] are you using? Exporting at a certain quality won't enhance the song like you want it to, you need an equalizer to give it some 'air'. Which plugins do you have? I suggest boosting frequencies above 1600 Hz a little and turn down the volume on the vocals a touch, and look at your low-end; in a club situation you want your bass to be tight and present. Good luck!


Nope, lol. I laugh at you.


First of all, the tempos don't match for shit, the whole thing is off-beat. Second, the build-ups of the vocals and instruments/beat are in completely different spots. In short, the mash-up sucks. Sorry, man.


I listen to that mix you made. I would have to say that you need to match the vocals better with the track you have with the guitars. Its like you took an accapella of hip hop and dumped it over some metal track. Its cool but at least match the tempo's of the hip hop to metal. If you use a program like ableton you can achieve this very easily. Import and warp the tracks to your beat signature and your good to go. It will sound hell of a lot better then what ever that disaster was.


I havent fixed the tempo and all that yet, I just put that up to show where I'm starting. I know this one is bad, its nowhere near finished.

thanks tho


No eyeliner! We use real tears, are you kidding? lol

and that Mashup is a no go, it was a tragedy (not even the good kind)

but there is another song up now I was playing around with it this morning...think it sounds decent.

Violent Seduction (original song on this thread) will be back up soon