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Music Download Sites

does anyone download music?if so,from what site?

I use Ares, but when I un-installed it, then wanted to re-install it, I found it hard to find again.

I did find it, but there’s also an Ares that you have to pay for, and that’s not the one I use.

It’s great for music, and there’s no spyware or adware.

[quote]havoc501 wrote:
does anyone download music?if so,from what site?[/quote]

Well, it depends what music you like. Use a good fileshare program like direct connect.

If you want dance mixes try these:

tranceaddict.com - trance
morecore.net - hardcore/some gabber
indamix - all styles

Downloading torrents is the best.

  1. Download Bit Tornado and install it.

  2. Search for what you want at isohunt.com or torrentspy.com and download that file’s torrent (very small in size).

  3. Open the torrent file in Bit Tornado and it will begin to download what you searched for originally.

This is the quickest way of downloading full albums and you’ll find the most variety on the two sites I mentioned. However, they both also have video, software, etc.

For induvidual songs, though, I use LimeWire. Don’t install v4.9 though because they make it crap until you buy it. I found v4.8 by doing a Google search and it works great. Just don’t update it and you’re good.

Hope that helps,

Just started on music. I use Bearshare.

I’ve used Shareaza. It takes a long time to download stuff but there are no spyware files to go with it.


$60/year all the music you want on Yahoo. They don’t have everything though…
Try the free trial and see if you like it.

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