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Music and Newspeak


So, there has been this encroachment of mix stations buying out all the rock stations in the area. First they added a station, then they bought out the classic rock station. Now they've bought out the alt. rock station. We currently have only this multitude of mix/pop stations as well as the hip-hop station and the country stations (and country lost its balls years ago).

They are advertising all these mix stations as these non-offensive music stations that everyone at work can listen to and enjoy. This sounds very familiar to the Newspeak dictionaries in 1984. For the unenlightened, the idea behind the newspeak dictionaries was that every edition would get smaller with every idea being whittled down into smaller and smaller expressions in language until ideas themselves were destroyed. Perhaps I'm reaching, but it seems as if I'm seeing this in the destruction of these rock stations with this non-offensive bullshit.

Is this happening in anyon else's town?



Free market at work.

It's always better to force feed the same shit to everyone to create one big market instead have having to cater to various niches.


Already happened here in Pa. Get Sirius and don't look back. I pay about 20 a month for my wife and I and we love it. you want 90s grunge, you got it. Hard Rock, Metal, classic rock, country. Listen to what you want with no commercials.


I've been streaming Last.fm at work and home. I make my own station. Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, chanson francaise, and german dark cabaret. I've never heard that stuff on any radio station, past or current.



Just like the poliferation of the "Bob and Tom radio show". They found a non-funny, non-offensive radio show which has absolutely no edge to push on listeners. Probably because they were tired of Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony lawsuits. The execs figured if they promote a show which pretty much sucks, it would be the end of lawsuits. I doubt anyone would sue over any Bob and Tom programming.


that's a good one, but my favorite internet radio is http://pandora.com/


I used to use Pandora a couple years ago, but it wasn't as flexible. I tried it again today. It's improved dramatically. Thanks.


I had a Yahoo radio station which kicked ass, until it was taken over by CBS radio and destroyed.

They have CBS music channels on there now, the same 15 songs over and over. Lame.


The playlist on Pandora is shit. It gets to playing the same songs in the same order.

By the way, I too think this is simply a market forces issue. That said, it is an interesting concept to think about and worth entertaining the possibility of it being more sinister.



Actually, I take back the props I was giving Pandora yesterday and revert to my original opinion: Last.fm is better. I fiddled around with Pandora yesterday at work and couldn't find half the stuff that was easily available on Last.fm.