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Music and Lifting


Do you people find music very helpful while lifting? Does it boost your energy or distract you more? If you do listen , what kind do you listen to>?.


Couldn't work out w/out music...if I don't have my iPod Shuffle I don't go to the gym.

Choices? Metal and hip-hop, mostly. Stuff that makes me feel aggressive and hyped up. Totally NOT what I listen to in my non-gym time.




Good music helps. Crappy music hurts.

I don't seem to notice the music during my best workouts.


Personally, I think Im a bit of an oddball as I would rather just have ear plugs at the gym to block everything out. If there is music,which we dont have that luxuary/hinderance at the gym here, I ignore it to the best of my ability.

Almost every soldier here, to include the foreigners has a mp3 player of some sort and flaunts it as a fashion accessory.


I find my ipod and Lamb of God indispensible in the gym.


Heavy metal, Techno and that kind of stuff, but I don't listen to that when I'm at home.
But I'm usually training with my buddy so I don't take the music to the gym.
But when we are deadlifting we go to an old hardcore gym in some old warehouse and turn the music up because there are not many people there exept friends and buddies :slight_smile:


By any chance do you guys know this song that goes "Burn motherfucker burn!"


I listen to music more to block everything out than to amp me up, probably because awesome songs only last so long until they don't pump you up anymore.

Anyway, I like watching the guys walking around the gym who are listening to some badass song and they think they're in the music video. You can always tell because they have a mean look on their face and take way too long of strides to the beat of the song.

That's almost as funny as Wheelbarrow Guy, who walks around like he's holding a wheelbarrow because he thinks he's huge.


You mean the one by Bloodhound Gang?


I like music while doing accessory exercises, during a ME or 1RM lift..music kinda distracts me. Unless it's REALLY loud, and the kind of metal that youc ant understand ANYTHING that they're saying and its just insane fast drumming and the guitar sounds like just one constant heavy note..then that'll do good, other than that..:S.


I answered this in another thread. Its The roof is on fire by the bloodhound gang.