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Music and Lifting


Because I fucking love lifting, I follow all the "bigg's" in the lifting community. I realized that about half don't listen to music and the other half jam some sort of death metal over the loud speaker.
In my quest to become a playlist aficionado I want to know what type of music gets y'all pumped and make that last high intensity set your bitch.




36 Crazyfists
Cancer Bats

Those bands make up the bulk of my playlist and seem to do the trick.


Linkin Park
As I Lay Dying

Outside of the gym I listen to Rap and EDM, but when I'm lifting I need super angry music.


For me it depends on the lift I'm performing,for BP and OHP and general volume work I like 5FDP,Disturbed anything angry.
But for Squats and Dead I need something that makes me calm and focused, Vivaldi,Bach ect.


lots of KillSwitch Engage


This is the first song on my playlist if I'm training alone lol.


Amon Amarth! They are my favorite metal band. Check out skeletonwitch also.

If you're into hip-hop/rap at all I would check out Meek Mill's
"Burn","I Don't Know", "Work" and "Dreams and Nightmares".

Rick Ross has a new song that just came out called "No Games" which is also awesome.

I'll try to screen shot my lifting playlist and post it for you later on.

Oh and one last, check out Meshuggah!


Metal sucks, it's all about the hard dance music


"I'm doin' a hundred on the highway, so if you do the speed limit get the fuck outta my way."


I have metal, rap, classic rock, even some top 100 billboard songs. I have some classical music that I will listen to while getting changed for the workout. Texas Country for afterwards.


Listen to whatever feeds the need as I'm always looking for new music. Starting to get back into punk lately. Found a punk site and I'm very happy with the music.



LOL, that is morning commute music!


There are far too few endeavors for which MOVE BITCH, GET OUT THE WAY is not an appropriate anthem. So many heavy weights and people and cars and other obstructions in one's way as one goes peacefully about one's business. I very often think to myself that I'd like to bust someone upside their motherfucking forehead. I don't of course, both because I wouldn't know how to go about it and because of the po-po.


I concur there were two morbidly obese women, txting on their phones, sitting on fat people scooters in the grocery store blocking up the beer isle. That is when I slapped them with a bucket of chicken and cracked them in face with 40 of bud ice...after they didn't respond to multiple move bitch get out the way warnings!!!!!

Actually I just looked at them like there were dumb and avoided their scooters, 500lbs of blubber is dangerous!



I was trying to get to my seat at a talk about gay rights and the aisle was all gummed up with people chatting. Those faggot motherfuckers; not a single one of them would get the fuck out the way! Eventually, after waiting futilely for them to notice me, I said "excuse me" and they shifted to give me space to get by.


LOL, you're so culturally insensitive.


That is hilarious