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Mushroom Powder to Boost Immunity


looking to start taking some mushroom powder to boost immune system. anyone have any recomendations on the type or blend and how much to take per day. thanks,


Around here it's 35$ for an 1/8 and it usually boosts my immunity to telekinesis for about 8 hours, but after that my immunity to time travel really takes a dive. So be careful and make sure to plot your own personal time/space continuum prior to ingestion.


Hey man, go to the GAL with that nonsense.

You can't build up an immunity to time travel, jeeze.


check out mushroom harvest. by far the cheapest source I've been able to find.


do you take an extract or the blend? how much do you take a day.


So this is a serious thread? Well, fool me once shame on me... I just thought the title was a total troll-job and what with the lack of OP's punctuation/capitalization...

As a side note, all time travelers know of the intrinsic value and danger that lies within mushrooms.


I take the blend. I don't get sick when I take it, although I usually am doing everything else right too when I take it (sleep, diet, training, etc), so take that for what it's worth.

Be warned that the powder is not very good tasting but it's a lot cheaper than the capsules. If you mix it in a shake you can barely taste it, but don't expect to drink it just mixed in juice or water unless you want to take it like a shot.




I know garden of life makes one. RM-10. Its probably a little bit more pricey, but they make good stuff. I've had a lot of good experiences with the brand. Also, they're pills so you don't have to drink mushroom flavored gatorade or something. Usually Vitamin shoppe carries it.


I just read somewhere that mushrooms contain vitamin D, which helps with your immune system. Don't remember where I read that. Maybe you can just take vitamin D instead.


A)That isn't the sole reason why they are extremely beneficial for your health

B)Everyone should be supplementing with vitamin D already.


Vit D is not the main immune boosting compound in mushrooms. Vit D takes a while to build up in your system, but taking medicinal mushrooms boosts your immune system fast. Mushrooms support immune system with beta glucan which is delivered in a built in delivery system - the naturally occurring mix of amino acids, proteins and minerals.