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Muse--The Resistance


New Muse album. There are no words to express my disappointment(read: disgust).

Commiserate with me, brothers. Another great band has lost their balls.



Infinite sadness.


Man, and I dug them. Sucks.


I quite liked it...... not nearly as good as Origin of Symmetry though. United states of eurasia is ridiculous. But unnatural selection and MK Ultra are brilliant and I quite like the huge exogenesis symphony at the end



I guess that makes sense then.


I haven't heard it yet, but judging but what you guys have to say, I'm not expecting much.


I haven't heard it either, but ill be sad if it really sucks that bad. :frowning:


It's worse.

Far, far worse.

It sounds like a Queen album.

I. Fucking. HATE. Queen.


i too was disappointed after my first listen.

i'm going to give it a few more run throughs to see what sticks though. although i don't like any of the last few "symphony" songs at all.

but to be honest, their last few albums are hard acts to follow.

i know we were all hoping for the next "hysteria" or "knights of cydonia" but alas, they fell short...

i'd still go see them in concert however. best concerts ever.


They've been sliding downhill towards space rock cheese since Absolution.



No. They might play one of the songs from Resistance. Too risky.



touche sir.


Hmmm you know, I just listened to the whole thing, and I actually liked it. It didn't give me the same "feeling" I usually get from listening to Muse, which was disappointing, but I think for the most part it was pretty well composed. The parts that sounded Queenish sounded a bit cheesy, but I felt there wasn't enough of it to ruin it for me. Maybe they will make up for it on their next album by including way more badassery. My favorite though is still Absolution which kicks the shit out of this new cd. Oh well.


Leave this web.


I listened to it a few times now, and I can't shake that Queen-vibe that it has going on. One song (don't remember wich one, but it was sadly one of the better) even reminded me for a brief moment of ... ABBA.

Couple of days ago I read in an interview that none of them really listens to music besides their own when they are working on it. Seems to me that they should.


Get out of my head.


Fine! The internet is for gheys anyways!

walks away, bitter, and kicking the dirt


Tho I agree with your main point. Knights of Cydonia wasn't that good. You could of replaced it with Stockholm Syndrome?


So what's the whole thing about Muse?

Why are they are (or use to be) good?


As far as modern music goes, they just happen to be damn good all around.

Excuse me, used to be damn good. Now they're only good at being shitty gay.

I just made that up.